What is the expanded umbilical ring

What is the expanded umbilical ring

Expanded umbilical ring or umbilical hernia – surgical pathology which in most cases happens at small children. Its main sign: emergence of spherical camber in a navel.

Such pathology as expanded umbilical ring, aged up to 5 years, as a rule, is successfully treated by means of massage of a belly wall. If massage does not lead to disappearance of umbilical hernia, it is necessary to do operation. In the same way by means of operation treat umbilical hernia at children 5 years and at adults are more senior.

Why the umbilical ring at children can extend

Opinion, widespread among people, ignorant of medicine, as if developing of umbilical hernia somehow depends on a method of processing of an umbilical cord – only the myth.

In several days after the birth at babies the umbilical cord connecting a fruit to a placenta disappears. The umbilical ring is densely closed, growing with connecting fabric. However this process takes some time. If for some reason vnutribryushinny pressure increases in an organism of the child before the umbilical ring densely is closed, hernia can be formed. Generally it happens because of genetic predisposition – so-called "hereditary weakness a fastion peritoneum". If someone from the child's parents in the childhood had an umbilical hernia, then and at it with very high probability (nearly 70%, according to medical statistics) there will be such pathology. Umbilical hernia can also develop because of the increased gas generation in intestines, frequent and strong crying, locks and some other the reasons. If you noticed some defect of an umbilical ring at the baby, surely show it to the surgeon. In 10 minutes prior to feeding of the kid spread it a stomach down on a plain firm surface.

For what reasons there can be umbilical hernia at adults

Umbilical hernia can arise also at mature age. It happens because of the excess weight, big physical activities, injuries, postoperative hems on a stomach. For this reason to some people recommend to carry a bandage after operations.

Some diseases accompanied with severe long cough or a congestion of liquid in an abdominal cavity – for example, ascites (dropsy) can cause also umbilical hernia.

At women the umbilical hernia arises considerably more often than at men. It is connected with anatomic and physiological differences of a female body. Especially large role in formation of umbilical hernia is played by pregnancy, especially at late stages when intra belly pressure sharply increases, muscles of a front wall of a stomach weaken, and the umbilical ring strongly stretches.

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