What is the washing of a fruit

What is the washing of a fruit

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Otsloyka of fetal egg who is the reason of washing of a fruit not always comes to an end with an abortion. In most cases pregnancy manages to be kept. Not to allow sad consequences, it is necessary to know that during pregnancy transparent or flavourless whitish allocations are considered as normal. Bloody, curdled, purulent or green allocations indicate deviations in health of future mother and constitute danger to a fruit.

Washing of a fruit at pregnant women: norm or pathology?

"At me is not present monthly" - the woman dreaming of the child informs the gynecologist. And it is valid, the lack of menstrual allocations in the put time often demonstrates pregnancy approach. But what they mean, these bloody allocations similar to usual periods which soiled linen of already pregnant woman?

The term "washing of a fruit" is meant as the bloody allocations from a genital tract which appeared in days of estimated monthly. Such phenomenon is not considered a big rarity as meets at 15% of future mothers.

Emergence of menstrualnopodobny allocations at pregnancy can be followed by characteristic pains in the bottom of a stomach and in a waist.

Washing of a fruit is not considered pathology, however because of its existence the confusion in determination of exact terms of pregnancy is possible. The woman who is not knowing about the conception fact yet during this period can take medicine, be exposed to influence of various adverse factors, endure stresses, thereby doing harm to the developing child. Most often bloody allocations from a genital tract at pregnant women are observed in the first trimester. Happens that the krovomazaniye happens also on late terms. Some women do not attach it significance, especially if their usual periods did not differ in duration and abundance of allocations.

Why there is a washing of a fruit and as far as it is dangerous?

Violation of the hormonal sphere is the main reason for washing of a fruit. Insufficient production of progesterone (the hormone responsible for the termination monthly at pregnancy approach) is the factor provoking bloody allocations at pregnant women.

Washing of a fruit – the phenomenon inherent in owners of a two-horned uterus. Development of a fruit happens in one horn, and menstrual rejection of a layer of an endothelium from other horn has no impact on the course of pregnancy.

As for washing consequences, the situation can develop differently. In the first case the pregnancy proceeds normally as fetal egg in no way is not damaged. At the second option of succession of events the threat exists also for the developing fruit, and for the woman bearing it. Because of an otsloyka of fetal egg or a placenta the child perishes, and at the most pregnant the severe bleeding hazardous to health opens. Considering such serious danger, it is better to visit the gynecologist for confirmation of a normal course of pregnancy once again, than then to regret for the negligence when the child is lost, and own health – is seriously undermined.

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