What it is impossible to forbid children

What it is impossible to forbid children

In some families, especially where there are small kids, parents on hundred times in the course of the day go on: "It is impossible, do not touch, I forbid, stop immediately!" and other. Acting this way, parents do not even think that similar restriction contributes to the slowed-down development of children, make them unfortunate and diffident. Naturally, certain bans in family have to exist, especially on those acts which can do much harm to health and the child's life, and here we will try to deal with the rest.

What it is impossible to forbid the child?

Constant movement

Normally developing child has to move, run, jump, creep constantly, etc. Such activity often strains and tires parents therefore by the bans they try to calm down children. Though, according to psychologists, the excess mobility of the child has to please adults only.

To show emotions

Children do not know about confusion yet therefore they actively show the feelings and emotions, cry, is happy, admire something and so forth. I try to muffle an opportunity to show the feelings in the child, it is possible to alienate the child from itself, as a result the child will be closed and will cease to trust parents.

To choose improper toys

The speech will go not about dolls and machines now, and that some kids play with pleasure kitchen ware, various utensils, household items and even food. You should not take away the subject which interested him from the child if it is, of course, not a sharp knife or the screw-driver, thus children learn the world around.

To express the opinion

Sometimes small children take an independent stand on any situation too, and even if you are not really concerned by opinion of the kid, surely listen to him, praise for truthfulness and correctness of reasonings or, on the contrary, point to mistakes, but do not ignore at all. Expressing the thoughts, though times wrong, kids learn to think, analyze situations and also to listen to opinion of adult family members.

To dream

Many kids often tell and colourfully describe those situations which obviously do not exist, sometimes they invent to themselves nonexistent friends or events. The main thing to be able to distinguish children's imagination from a lie which is given with some specific mercenary goal. If the child dreams, be distracted by half an hour from the affairs and plunge into the amazing world of adventures, it only to promote rapprochement with the child. Before telling the child I forbid, it is necessary to consider properly a situation and to explain the ban with a benevolent and quiet voice, it is obligatory to tell about the ban reason.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team