What it is necessary to do to the godmother on a christening

What it is necessary to do to the godmother on a christening

The sacrament of baptism is a ceremony of clarification of soul and the spiritual birth of the person. It is made for the 8th or 40th day of life. For the kid at the same time godparents who undertake a duty to bring up him in the spirit of Orthodoxy are appointed. The godfather can participate in a ceremony in absentia, mother – only internally. At the same time she has to be ready to implementation of the obligations.

Requirements to the godmother

The woman has to begin to prepare for a role of the godmother in advance. She has to not only know prayers, but also realize fully point of the made Sacrament of baptism.

Exclusively orthodox woman living on God's precepts can become the godmother. She has to know such prayers as to the Tsar Nebesny; To the Virgin Devo, be happy; Creed; Pater Noster. In them the essence of Christian belief is expressed.

The woman has to understand all responsibility conferred on her. She has to ask God about the help in education of the child, thank him for everything. The godmother has to make every effort in order that the child grew up the believing person. Rendering the feasible help in preparation for the sacrament of Baptism and a holiday table belongs to duties of the godmother. She has to have a special baptismal interview and prepare gifts to the godson. By godparents the baptismal shirt, a cross worn on the neck, a towel for wraparound of the child in it after a ceremony, a cap or a kerchief have to be bought.

The godmother's duties on the Sacrament of baptism

The fundamental obligation of the godmother during the Epiphany is to pray for the child that God sent on it grace during the Sacrament that purity of his soul that the Lord gave wisdom to God and blood parents to bring up the child in the correct course remained. During the girl's Epiphany, in the godmother's hands she is given after immersion to a font. In case of the boy's Epiphany everything occurs on the contrary. The priest can ask the godmother to say a prayer "Creed". In order that the child felt more confidently in her hands, their preliminary acquaintance and experience of communication is desirable. It is necessary to be ready to the fact that the kid should be changed clothes, calmed as required.

Duties God after the Sacrament of baptism

After the Sacrament the festive feast called the Christening, as a rule, will be organized. It is difficult for blood parents with small child to prepare everything timely therefore the help in a type of supervision for the kid, participation in preparation of dishes will be simply invaluable. During a feast, the godmother can participate in giving of treats on a table, look after invited, deliver congratulatory speeches for the godson and his parents. After a sit-round gathering she helps to clear the table, puts the kid to bed. In everyday life God mom has to try to give as much as possible attention to all-round development of the child. It is possible to take him on classes to Sunday school with the subsequent discussion heard, in common to attend church services, to go on the holy sites, to celebrate Birthdays and church holidays. The godmother is responsible for the godson throughout all the life.

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