What it is possible to replace a dummy with

What it is possible to replace a dummy with

Pacifier - one of the most disputable objects which is used in child care. A part of mothers assure that it is worse be dummies nothing can and call it substitute of a breast and threat to breastfeeding. Other women are sure that the dummy helps the child to calm down and gives to mother the chance a little to have a rest.

As a rule, the dummy is used if the child begins to be nervous, complain, anxious. If all factors which could cause a similar state - a dirty diaper hunger, cold are, etc. excluded, mothers give to kids a pacifier, and they, sucking it, slowly fall asleep.

However not always the dummy is useful. Happens and so that children have a dependence on it. The kids who also rather hard got used to a pacifier are disaccustomed to it. At such moments any objects or things with which it is possible to replace a much-needed accessory are especially necessary for young mothers.

Adherents of breastfeeding are sure that better than a female breast there is nothing. Also it is necessary to refuse a pacifier in favor of maternal breast. Such option suits a part of women. However that at whom children belong to the category "active suckers" such approach is rather heavy. The child simply will not come off a breast neither in the afternoon, nor at night. And not always at the time of sucking he will be hungry. Just it is sometimes recommended to use a favourite toy of the kid. This option is especially good if you were going to disaccustom to a pacifier of already rather bred child. It is possible to agree with it that instead of a dummy he will fall asleep with the new friend now. Perhaps, the child from the first day will not want to accept this fact and will demand the pacifier back, however literally for couple of days he will get used. Babies can independently replace a pacifier with rubber toys. Hares with long ears are especially good for these purposes, they can rather easily be pushed in a mouth and to scratch gums. A mother's task in this case to watch purity and relative sterility of such consoling subject. It needs to be washed periodically with hot water for disinfection. Some parents, having given in on arrangements of the senior relatives, instead of a dummy can use a piece of fat or the cookies mashed in a crumb wrapped in a napkin. Of course, for babies about one month all this is inadmissible. And for children of more advanced age advantage of such "pacifiers" rather doubtful.

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