What it is right at the child in kindergarten

What it is right at the child in kindergarten

Since the birth the child possesses a number of the rights which are listed in the Convention of the UN on the rights of the child. On the basis of it and also other Russian legal documents where all rights of children are clearly described, work of preschool institutions is based. Unfortunately, quite often in kindergartens the rights of pupils are violated, and parents, in the majority, ignorant of the matter, leave unpunished offenders of the children.

Right to health

One of the first points in the list of the rights - the right to health. The child who is in kindergarten has the right for the qualified help which has to appear in time. If the kid got sick in a garden, the personnel are obliged to notify instantly on it parents and to ask permissions to give necessary drugs.

Nobody has the right, even the nurse, to do inoculations, to give drugs without the permission of parents. Often happens that, doing mass vaccination in a garden, parents are not asked whether can do to their child vaccination. This direct violation of the rights. For such relation on personnel it is possible to write the complaint. And the more so, nobody can force to do to the child an inoculation and to frighten that will be refused to him visit of a garden. Not imparted child can attend kindergarten. If to the child it is refused visit, know – it in the rights is not specified.

Right for physical and creative development

The preschool institution is obliged to develop the child comprehensive. An indispensable condition for a garden – existence of the developing classes, games, circles which will allow the child to show and develop the abilities. In any kindergarten the regular teachers capable to develop children both intellectually, and physically are provided. For each age group the individual development program based on children's features of concrete age is formed. If children only play, watch cartoons or run down the street, so their rights roughly are violated. The child, besides games, has to be employed in kindergarten intellectually.

Time for a game – too the right

In a garden everything has to be equivalent. As there is specially allotted time on various occupation, and obligatory hours for a game are allocated. In kindergarten the child has to have a rest, feel freedom and feel like, naturally, the child. Outdoor games are obligatory. To put children for half a day to watch cartoons – inadmissibly.

Right to the protection of the interests

If the child needs something, the tutor is obliged to react to his request. He wants in a toilet, to drink waters or to change clothes of a wet t-shirt – any request should not be ignored. Often happens so that the child, for example, has a shower bath or soiled and asks it to change clothes, and the teacher or the nurse occupied with another matters allows the kid to go wet or dirty. If the child says that he froze, was tired, badly feels, it is necessary to take measures in respect of the kid at once.

Right for respect

To think that it is possible to shout at the child, roughly to pull a hand or constantly to shame before other children, means roughly to violate the rights of the child. Child abuse which includes both physical, and moral violence involves criminal liability. Unfortunately, this right is violated in preschool institutions most often. Though in the rights of the child it is accurately registered that on children it is impossible to raise the voice, to call them, to abuse at all, "to distribute" slaps, to neglect them needs. All this has to be stopped by parents.

Right for food

One of the main requirements for child care facilities of all types is the organization of good nutrition. Quality and healthy food strengthens and develops a children's organism. Children need sufficient, and, above all, healthy nutrition. Parents have to watch with what they feed their offsprings constantly. If expired products, strongly fried or half-cooked food, products which to children are are noticed it is impossible – it is necessary to address immediately with complaints to the highest authorities. Too small portions or monotonous food also belong to violations. By the way, to force the child there is what he does not love or does not want, too it is impossible. Parents are obliged to control observance of the rights of the kid. First of all, the kindergarten where your kid will go, has to conform to all quality standards. It is necessary to pay attention to professionalism of teachers and other personnel, to check, than feed children according to what programs develop kids. Each parent can inform of all the observations the manager of kindergarten. If the management of a garden does not pay attention to complaints of parents, certain measures for elimination of problems are not taken, it is necessary to ask for the help in law enforcement agencies.

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