What it, perfect school

What it, perfect school

About what school can be considered ideal, heated arguments are conducted long ago. Some claim that the most important at school – strict discipline without which it is impossible neither to impart to children respect for teachers nor to force them to study honestly. Others object: like, the school not army, is no need to accustom kids to tough rules and to demand their unconditional observance. The main thing – democratic, friendly atmosphere that children saw in teachers of the senior companions, mentors, but not supervisors. Where truth?

What main function of school

What has to be school? Each of theories which is put forward at a dispute is in own way fair. But it is necessary to remember that the main function of school is specified in its designation – "educational institution". That is, first of all, children at school have to study, seize those objects which are included in the educational program. And it is for this purpose necessary as discipline (of course, reasonably, without extremes), and good, highly skilled teachers who are able to state the subject not only correctly and clear, but also it is interesting, to inspire in children love for it. The teacher has to be an authority for school students. But this authority has to be based not on fear, and on respect of the senior.

Children go to good school willingly, knowing that teachers not only will interestingly and interestingly tell about the objects, but also will listen to them, will give a good advice, will prompt how to solve any given problem.

In order that educational process took place at the high level, and health of pupils was not put at risk, the school has to be equipped by all necessary, meet sanitary and hygienic standards.

Whether the school has to perform educational function

Unfortunately, some parents do not pay due attention to education of the offsprings, shifting this duty to school. Like, in the same place teachers work, here let and explain to my child that it is good and that it is badly. Besides, recently the rights of school students obviously exceeded their duties, and to teachers became problematic to punish even malicious violators of school discipline, for it it is possible to get penal. It, certainly, leaves a negative mark on school reality. Nevertheless, good teachers are able to find a common language even with "difficult" pupils, to inspire in them that study is not a burdensome duty, but useful and necessary business and that it is necessary to carry out the rules obligatory for all. The teacher has to inspire in children that they were respectful to each other, compassion, showed mutual assistance. Not accidentally graduates of good schools even later after obtaining certificates regularly communicate, gather many years. Summing up the result, it is possible to tell: the perfect school is that educational institution which gives to pupils good knowledge and promotes formation at them worthy human qualities.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team