What means if in a dream beat

What means if in a dream beat

Psychologists claim that there is nothing surprising and mystical in the dreams connected with a fight. Especially, if hit the snovidets into them. They explain it with the fact that the organism exempted from day vanity is the most sensitive to brain signals. From here also various pictures which turn into a dream appear.


1. The nightmares connected with scandals, fights and even murders dream many people. Such dreams outright disturb and disturb some of them. The experts studying the nature of dreams came to a conclusion that their contents directly depends on human health, on the nature of his emotions, on any given desires and memoirs. Nevertheless, you should not charge tightly off all accounts and the predictive nature of what was seen. Will tell dream books of it.

2. Some interpreters of dreams recommend to remember after what was seen who and with whom fought. The fact is that can beat in a dream both the snovidets, and the stranger, i.e. snovidets can act both as beaten, and as the outsider. For example, Miller claims that to watch in a dream a fight from outside is a prophecy: shortly snovidets will become the witness of some conflict, accident, etc.

3. According to dream book by Juno to be hackneyed talks in sleep about discontent with any given real circumstances. For example, in life of snovidets there is a person whom he hates and considers responsible in all the failures (for example, his neighbor). Probably, snovidets has no opportunity to cope with him in reality therefore unconsciously experiences the sufferings in a dream. If dreams as the familiar person beats, in real life it is necessary to be careful in communication with it as he is a hypocrite. He can betray snovidets during any opportunity.

4. Interesting interpretation gives to this dream dream book by Longo. If snovidets was beaten, but the fight ended with his victory, in reality it is necessary to take a vacation, to calm the nerves, to have a rest in sanatorium. The fact is that nervous system of the owner of a dream is fairly exhausted, his morale is in deep decline, and soul asks tranquility and a pacification. Perhaps, snovidets conducts aggressive lifestyle which are recommended to be replaced with democratic.

5. Some interpreters allocate similar dreams with medical sense. For example, if a fight in a dream is followed not by sensation of fear and humiliation, but pain, what was seen warns about the spoiled spiritual condition of snovidets. Quite so tells lunar dream book. Perhaps, in an organism of the owner of a dream there was some moral and spiritual failure. It is recommended to register in reception to the therapist, having visited the cardiologist and the psychotherapist. If during beating to snovidets wring hands or legs, the speech already goes about physical health. Problems with joints approach.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team