What metal symbolizes the Taurus

What metal symbolizes the Taurus

The Taurus belongs to the sign of Earth. Miracle properties of the land metals relating to this sign as well as stones, are known to people since ancient times. It is considered that the stone which is melted off in metal, has the enhanced properties and is an energy conductor.


1. Any metal possesses a certain power field, thereby influencing life of people and their health. Interacting with a biofield of the person, metals can be fine amulets and charms as, according to ancient alchemists, they are allocated with curative force.

2. Astrologers tell about the most various properties of metals, subdividing them and revealing degree of compliance to certain zodiac signs. Having certain medicinal properties, metal can suit people with one type of temperament and to be destructive for others.

3. Taurus one of the quietest and balanced zodiac signs. The people born under it are very reserved and friendly therefore it is absolutely no wonder that their metal symbols are copper and gold.

4. Copper - the good conductor of energy and heat, on the external signs is very similar to the nature of Tauruses, same warm and pliable, but not deprived of nobility and magnificence. Gold – the metal of optimists and workaholics allowing to feel confident and is quiet.

5. Copper has the strongest curative properties, it is capable to improve health of the person after a severe bruise, to rassosat bruises and hematomas. Besides, copper at nervous breakdowns helps and at vascular diseases. Now copper disks are widely used in medicine. In house conditions it is possible to use a coin is older better as in the coins which are released till 1961 copper it is much more than in money of the next years.

6. If to speak about gold, it does not love idlers and misers. The belief of people that unfair extracted gold will bring to the person misfortune occurs and today. Gold jewelry is capable to calm strong heartbeat, to strengthen faith of the person in themselves, to cope with complexes, to increase self-respect, to give force.

7. Gold and silver are a universal frame for gemstones. This tradition goes to an extreme antiquity to astrological ideas of compliance of planets and metals. Proceeding from them, gold is closely connected with the Sun, silver - with the Moon, iron - with Mars.

8. Choosing jewelry as a gift to the Taurus, it is worth knowing in what decade the person whom you are going to please was born. Then the gift is capable to become not only pleasant, but also useful. So, for example, Tauruses can carry gold, without removing, other zodiac signs from it need to have a rest periodically.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team