What mix is optimum for newborns

What mix is optimum for newborns

Quite often happens so that mother's milk or does not suit the child, or mom cannot feed for a number of reasons, or mom has a genetic predisposition to the shortage of milk in a breast. At such moments of mom think of the choice of optimum dairy mix for the newborn baby. It is important that artificial milk was most similar on maternal. At it there have to be all vitamins and minerals for full development of the child. Mix needs to be chosen, proceeding from features of an organism of the kid.


1. Mixes happen several types: Liquid. They are pasteurized and are on sale in a tetrapackage. They can be used right after purchase. An expiration date at them small. Dry. They are presented in the powder form, they need to be diluted with warm boiled water, watching proportions. Dry mixes are stored longer, than liquid, but you should not use them after an expiration date. Medical. These are mixes which are intended for children with some problems of health. For example, antirefkluxny, delactosed, low-lactoknowing mixes etc. Sour-milk. These mixes contain useful bacteria for children's intestines. Prebiotics and a probiotics occupy the child's intestines useful microflora, thereby helping to get rid of a children's dizbakterioz.

2. Each type of mix can be divided on: - most adapted for newborn babies. Such mixes have marking "1" on mix package. Their structure is closest to structure of milk of mother therefore such are recommended for newborns. They contain all necessary minerals and vitamins for this age, the amount of proteins and fats in them is optimum for frequent feeding in the first months of life. It can be the mixes Nutrilon, NAN, Heinz, Hipp, Humana; - less adapted mixes more nourishing, appoint them to children who do not maintain breaks in feeding or often belch (Nannie); - partially adapted mixes are already not so similar to maternal milk. They begin to be given to children after half a year when the feeding up is entered ("Kid", "Baby", Agusha).

3. Pay attention to composition of mix. The majority of dairy mixes consist of cow's milk. This milk is processed so that animal protein becomes similar to protein in maternal milk, and the child's stomach well acquires it. There are mixes which are made of goat milk, they are designed for allergichny children. Such mixes at dermatitis, rashes and problems with a set of weight are prescribed. As a part of mix for the newborn there have to be proteins, fats and carbohydrates. As carbohydrates lactose contains (and in mother's milk too). Except lactose still can add glucose and sucrose. Avoid such additives in mixes for newborns. Fats are responsible for splitting of some vitamins and for a mix sytnost. Do not take mix as a part of which a large amount of iron if to the kid it was not written out by the doctor. Because of it at the child vomiting and a diarrhea can begin.

4. The choice of mix for the newborn – a difficult stage because it is impossible to foresee in advance what mix will suit your kid. It is recommended to buy small packings of mixes while you choose, and to try each not less than a week. Any sharp changes in the child's organism (rash, the changed chair, dermatitis, vomiting) have to be an occasion to change mix.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team