What mix is the best of all for babies

What mix is the best of all for babies

Long ago it is known of advantage of breastfeeding. But sometimes for various reasons mother should transfer the baby to the artificial or mixed feeding. In this case at young parents arises a question, what mix to choose. It is the best of all to address the pediatrician in this case.

Children's mixes for newborns

In case the need for artificial feeding arose right after the child's birth, then the doctor usually advises the adapted dairy mix. Its main advantage is that at it there is a demineralized whey doing such food to digestible. Ideal mix for newborns has to incorporate light albumine and globulins in the proportions as close as possible to breast milk. The amount of fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals gives the chance to consider such mix very useful to the kid.

Often the adapted mixes contain the additional components improving digestion and increasing quality of food. It can be bifidobacteria, lysozyme, lactulose, taurine and others. All these elements give the chance to the kid correctly to develop and gain weight. Most often these mixes are noted by figure "1" or on packing the age from 0 to 6 months" is specified. For example, "NAN", "Nutrilon-1", "Pre-HiPP", "Nutrilak from 0 to 6 months", "Pikomil-1", "Agusha-1", Piltti concern them.

Also at the market there are less adapted mixes which contain milk protein casein which is much more slowly acquired by a children's organism. But in them there is no demineralized whey therefore they cannot be quality substitute of breast milk. Such mixes the most acceptable become after the kid is 6 months old. However similar mixes are more nutritious. For this reason feed with them children who are not capable to sustain breaks between feedings more than three hours. In their structure also taurine, bifidobacteria, etc. It is possible to carry to them "Similac", Impress, Enfamil, "Nestogen".

Specialized mixes for the newborn

After the birth between an organism of mother and kid the interrelation is formed. It promotes changes of structure of breast milk, depending on needs of the kid. By means of mixes of such balance it is very difficult to reach therefore producers produce mixes for the children having various problems with health. These are the preventive hypoallergenic mixes for newborns containing a hydrolyzate of syvorochny protein for feeding of kids with an allergy to proteins of cow's milk such as "hypoallergenic Nutrilak", "hypoallergenic NAN". Also there are hypoallergenic medical mixes which are selected strictly individually according to the recommendation of the pediatrician. To children with anemia special mixes with the increased iron content - "Similac with iron, ""Enfamil with iron" are appointed. Usually they are appointed after achievement of three-months age by the child since only during this period iron begins to be soaked up fully. Among kids with the broken digestion because of intolerance of lactose the mixes containing soy protein are very popular are "Bon Soy" or "Nutri-Soya". All of them are selected also the pediatrician. Locks, bad shipping or refusal of the child of a small bottle will be a signal that food needs to be reconsidered. The huge role for newborns is played by acidified milk formulas. They contain the bifidobacteria which are well influencing work of intestines. After the child's birth his digestive tract gradually becomes populated by bacteria. But it happens that the balance of useful and harmful bacteria is broken, "sour-milk NAN" and Bifidus will help to improve a condition of the child in this case. Most often they are appointed after six months.

The choice of mix for the newborn

Before transferring the kid to artificial feeding, parents have to estimate all merits and demerits of this decision. It is the best of all to choose mix together with the pediatrician, he will help to pick up mix, proceeding from factors of possible risk, age and weight of the kid, features of his development and a condition of digestive system. Often the most suitable mix for the child is chosen by trial and error since the organism of each kid is individual. Appearance of an allergy, rash, gripes or locks is possible. All this says that mix needs to be changed. Criterion of truly picked up mix is normal physical and mental development of the kid. Any aberrations have to be discussed with specialists gastroenterologists. They will establish the reason and will pick up the food, most acceptable for your kid. To avoid fakes, it is necessary to buy mixes only in large specialized shops.

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