What mix is the best of all for newborns

What mix is the best of all for newborns

The range of dry mixes on shelves of shops is very big and it is necessary only to make a choice. The rule ""the more expensively, the better"" works not always, and the baby will help to make a right choice itself. Mixes I am different, specially developed for various groups of children and adapted for features of a children's organism. To choose suitable for your child, the pediatrician observing him will help.


1. The adapted dairy mix will be suitable for children of the first days of life better. On the structure it is brought most closer to breast milk and is easily acquired, thanks to existence of whey. On packing of such mix there is mark 1 or restriction of age of 0-6 months. The most widespread: NAN, Nutrilon, Nutrilak, Hipp, Humana. Less adapted mix will be suitable for the kids who are eating well and demanding more frequent feedings. Here the level of casein, trudnousvoyaemy milk protein, above at the expense of what food becomes sytny. Similar mixes are also mineralized and enriched with vitamins, however whey in them is absent. Similac, Enfamil, Nestogen belong to such category.

2. Every year the number of the newborns having allergic reaction of various type grows. Special hypoallergenic mixes are developed for food of such children. On similar mix package its orientation, sometimes simply is surely designated by mark HECTARE (HA). Most often on shelves it is possible to meet: NAN Hypoallergenic, Nutrilak Hypoallergenic, Humana of HA, Hipp HECTARE, Frisolac H. If allergic reaction is shown from lactose, then it is necessary to select mixes from category of soy. They are also presented in wide assortment: Nutrilon Soy, Humana SL FrisoSoy, Heinz Soy mix, Gallia Soy, Nutrilak Soy and others.

3. If at the newborn frequent vomiting and vomiting are observed, then he will not suit usual mixes, and more dense anti-reflux are necessary: FrisoVom, Nutrilon Antireflux, Similac Izovok. Also problems with existence in a digestive tract of the kid of bifidobacteria can be the reason of vomiting and violation of a chair. The shortage of these bacteria can be filled by means of specialized mixes: Nutrilak of Bifi, NAN Sour-milk, Semper Bifidus.

4. At a zhelezodefitsita the doctor can register specialized mix which is in addition enriched with iron. Producers took care also of such children: Humana Folgemilch, Nenatan, Similac with iron.

5. For premature kids, there are also separate mixes which will help them to be restored and gain strength quicker. Such mixes, for example, as: Alprem, Humana 0, FrisoPre, Pre-NAN.

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