What mixes are suitable for newborns

What mixes are suitable for newborns

The women who recently became mothers are recommended to feed children with breast milk. However situations in life develop differently, and some of them should transfer newborn babies to artificial nutrition or a dokarmlivaniye mixes.


1. Mixes are recommended to be bought in pharmacies or specialized shops. To understand what mix you should take, it is necessary to read the instruction on one box. Mixes are adapted, partially adapted and physiological or medical.

2. The composition of the adapted mixes more repeats structure of breast milk on the content of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, including vitamins and minerals. Such mixes, as a rule, the best for children, since chest age.

3. To define for what age mix is intended, you will be able, thanks to information which is contained on a container. She registers in the form of figures at the end of the name of baby food - 1, 2, 3 where unit means the first six months since the birth and so on increase. Or the concrete period, for example, from 6 to 12 months is written.

4. There are still partially adapted mixes, their structure is not so ideally balanced. Such food contains sucrose and starch. In this regard mix of a such type is not advised to give to babies. And cost is cheaper than them. These mixes are presented in the form of powder or already divorced in jars. To buy the first option of mixes much more favourably.

5. Physiological mixes are the usual mixes intended for the child who does not have difficulties with digestion and also an allergy and other diseases.

6. Medical mixes are just intended elimination of various troubles. It is necessary to accept medical mixes, having consulted with the pediatrician. Such mixes are delactosed or to its lowered contents. These mixes are recommended to children who do not transfer lactose or have an allergy to dairy products. Generally these mixes make of products of substitutes, for example, on the basis of soy milk.

7. There are also mixes for prevention of locks and vomiting, to their structure add natural food fibers for condensation of milk.

8. The children's mixes containing bifidobacteria are recommended to children with dysbacteriosis and violations of a chair. Useful bacteria promote adjustment of intestinal microflora.

9. For premature children recommend special mixes which are considered as close as possible on the structure to breast milk. It is possible to recognize them by the Pre prefix before the name or later. These mixes can be given also to the healthy, been born in time babies.

10. In rare instances the chosen mix from the first ideally suits kids. Observe feelings of the child. Doctors recommend to pay attention to the following symptoms: existence of an increase of weight, an abdominal distension, gripes, problems with a chair, frequent vomiting, allergic manifestations on skin, loud crying after feeding or the concern meaning that the child is still hungry.

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