What most popular woman's names

What most popular woman's names

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The main question after the birth of the child concerns his name. It is necessary that on sounding it was combined with a middle name. Some people consider that the name affects the fate of the person. So many parents, wishing to the child of the better life, try to choose a name with the most positive value and power.


1. One of the most popular names in recent years – Sofya. This name in translation means wisdom. It is considered that Sofya is combined by calmness and activity. Also Sofya quickly try to obtain progress in any business.

2. Name Maria quite popularly. Girls with this name – are cheerful, sociable and careless. But they treat the duties with all responsibility therefore Maria often meet on senior positions.

3. Not the first year is fashionable a name of Anastasius. Nastya is ladies fighting and hardworking. They can easily adapt to any situation, remaining at the same time absolutely quiet. At women with such name the intuition so in many respects they can trust in it, but not logical arguments is very developed.

4. Annas are considered as a standard of modesty and disinterestedness. They are extremely pedantic and love that in everything there was an order. Their work is always highly appreciated by chiefs. Excellent and careful swearing at annas also grandmothers.

5. Darya, that in translation is meant by the winner, often in life confirms value of the name. Though in the childhood they also have problems with health, in process of growing they pass, tempering character of the girl. They achieve the objectives, overcoming any obstacles.

6. A popular victorious name – Victoria. However in Wicky's reality are often very timid and diffident. They by all means will find of themselves one thousand faults. Works with people try to avoid Victoria, trying to pick up such profession in which subjective factors will not be able to affect result of work.

7. The popularity gathers also other name – the Barbarian, meaning "savage". But girls with this name surprisingly appeasable. Good hostesses and wives grow up from them.

8. Elizabeth – nee leaders, but often they too become attached to the relatives and the house, missing something important in the life. The diligence and thirst to adventures do not allow owners of this name to sit in one place.

9. The name Polina returned to fashion. The family makes the main value for women with this name, they will never offer it for the sake of career. The girl Polina are appeasable and friendly.

10. Ekaterina enter ten the most popular woman's names too. They possess the aspiration to become in everything the best they often manage that. Often Katya behave a little extravagantly, wishing to be distinguished from crowd.

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