What names can be given given rise in July

What names can be given given rise in July

To choose a name to the kid - a difficult task. The name influences directly the fate of the child. July children as the beams of the sun which safely rushed into life. Let's be engaged in selection of names for summer children.


1. Use the church calendar which contains about 1100 names. A large number of names in the calendar of Slavic, Hebrew, Latin and Greek origin. Among names of the church calendar there are such which become even more popular over time. Let's say according to the calendar for July 5th it is Anna, Afanasy (Afanas, Apanas), Varvara, Elisaveta (Elizabeth, Lizaveta), Icon lamps, Kirill, Sergius (Sergey). Or for July 22nd it is Alexy (Alexey), Cornelius (Korney), Maria (Marya), Foka (Fokey, Fokan), Mikhail.

2. When choosing a name of the daughter and to the son you can be guided by zodiac sign. July children can be cancer or a lion on zodiac sign. Names are favorable for boys crayfish: Andrey, Pyotr, Gleb, Robert. For boys lions it is necessary to prefer names: Anton, Leonid, Ilya, Lev, Yaroslav, Ruslan. For girls crayfish names can become happy: Valentina, Lidiya, Olga, Emma. For girls lions names are the most suitable: Christina, Zhanna, Yulia, Veronika.

3. Take opinion of psychologists on the children who were born in the summer into account. Psychologists consider that summer children show flexibility in permission of questions. At the same time such children have no combativity. This problem can be fixed if to name the kid more "rigid". Correctly chosen name will give to your child more self-confidence and also will serve as protection against vital obstacles. July names preferable to boys: Ignat, Georgy, Artem, Boris, Andrey, Denis, Ivan, Anton, Roman, Dmitry, Konstantin. July names preferable to girls: Antonina, Alla, Lyudmila, Valeria, Maria, Darya, Inna, Olga, Margarita.

4. Find the list of the famous people born in a month July in the Internet. Thus, you can call the child in honor of the outstanding director, the actor, the artist, the writer, the scientist, the musician, the athlete.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team