What names can be given those who were born in August

What names can be given those who were born in August

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As it is correct to pick up to the child a name at the birth so that it was suitable it throughout all life and brought joy – the difficult question tormenting many parents.


1. Psychologists do not advise to call kids by too exotic names. Such children not always having the initial prerequisites allocating them from lump have less steady nervous system, as a result get into different difficult situations. Besides, singularity of a name often does them by much more excentric.

2. It is possible to follow orthodox traditions and to name the child depending on what Saint is celebrated on date of his birth or a baptism. And, girls can receive a name of the next to date sacred since the corresponding name-day happens not every day. Often the person has two names: the first "secular", given him by parents, and the second, received at a baptism, known only to a narrow circle of relatives.

3. The people born at the end of summer constantly move forward, strive for new knowledge, want to be the leader in the area. They need constantly admiration of people around, recognition of their merits and achievements. They very much like to be the focus of attention and try to achieve it in any way, they want that people around thought well about them. However, despite this, these people are independent and self-sufficient. They always do everything as find necessary.

4. August people are extraordinary charismatic, have appeal to representatives of an opposite sex and are capable to become the center of attention in any company. But, despite everything, the family holds a specific place in their life. They differ in decency and honesty, are not capable of intrigues and are always ready to help. Given rise in August become the excellent heads able to estimate soberly possible prospects and risks. Also from them experts in the field of art, policy or science turn out.

5. The boys who were born in August will be is ideal by such names as Alexander, Gleb, Nikolay, Zakhar, Prokhor, Boris, Evdokim, Ilya, Ivan, Sergey, Anton, Roman, Maxim, Leonid, Stepan, Denis. Names will bring to girls happiness: Maria, Anna, Ulyana, Yulia, Christina, Anfisa, Margarita, Elizabeth, Tatyana, Tamara.

6. If the child was born till August 23, then it on zodiac sign Lev. These are vigorous, masterful men, they bright and independent, sociable and active. Names for them most often begin on letter "A" and sound firmly and briefly. Men well will suit names: Artyom, Alexey, Abram, Bogdan, Herman, Zakhar, Ilya, Nikolay, Roman, Rostislav, Jan. For women there will be appropriate Alla, Darya, Diana, Lidiya, Lyubov, Regina, Ella, Elvira, Yulia.

7. The child who was born after August 23 is considered the zodiac Maiden. These are cool, prudent and rational people, they differ in analytical skills and the increased care of the health. Names for representatives of this sign sound more quietly. For example, it is possible to call the boy Maiden Valentin, Gleb, Gennady, Denis, Nikita, Stepan or Timofey. Ideally suitable options for girls: Anastasia, Irina, Ksenia, Taisiya, Tamara or Tatyana.

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