What names can be given to the children who were born in May

What names can be given to the children who were born in May

Expression: "Ship will sail the way you name it" bears in itself a truth particle. Therefore for the child it is necessary to approach the choice of a name very responsibly, his destiny depends on it. The important value has month in which the kid was born.


1. The people born in May treat the zodiac sign Taurus. Its main qualities is the adherence to principles, obstinacy, unwillingness to make a compromise and insistence.

2. Men and women whose birthdays fall on May, are quite straightforward, do not accept compromises, often rush "from one extreme to the other". Their opinion for them only correct, they are ready to prove it and if it is required then and to impose. They are extremely ambitious, seek to subordinate themselves all around that, often, becomes the reason of sufferings of their relatives. Desire to order people and circumstances, combined with inability to forgive and make concessions, very much complicates to these people their family life. However the difficult character does not prevent them to be good family men and excellent hostesses.

3. Lyudi-Teltsy the incorrigible careerists capable to offer much for the sake of achievement of the purpose and therefore quite easily climb a career ladder. They always know what is wanted from life. Often money go to them to hands, most of representatives of this sign wealthy people. Besides, the people born in May are very vindictive and vindictive. The person who offended them forever will remain their enemy.

4. In case they have a choice, they will be engaged in that business which will bring good income, having postponed occupation as a hobby for indefinite time. From these people good administrators and heads turn out.

5. People, whose birthday falls on the fifth month in a year, can go to a daredevil act, being under the influence of negative emotions. Even regretting for made, they will not begin to apologize the first, to show an initiative and to take the first steps. It is difficult to enrage them, but if it happened, offenses they will not forgive and will surely revenge, doing it is consecutive and persistent.

6. Despite everything, May people are rational and predictable. They will always prefer material welfare to romanticism. To paradise with darling in a tent, they will prefer the palace with unloved. All from the fact that the people born in May very much appreciate comfort. For them restriction of in habitual conveniences becomes very serious test.

7. For the men who were born in May Alexey, Valentin, Maxim, Afanasy, Anatoly, Kirill, Victor, Ivan, Gleb, Pavel, Nikita, Grigory, Vitaly, Fedor, Georgy, Roman are considered as the most suitable names. Such names as Aleksandra, Claudia, Tamara, Elizabeth, Yulia, Zoya, Faina, Irina, Christina will bring to women happiness.

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