What names popular this year

What names popular this year

Each new year bears in itself a certain power, and many believe that if to call the child on fashion, then it will have a happy destiny. People seek to fit into a top of the best names and follow relevant names. How to choose the most fashionable name to the child?


1. The rating of names for 2014 shows that foreign and Slavic names do not enter it. The popularity of names is defined by many characteristics, and for everyone they there are the. It is very important to understand what name will suit the kid on appearance and character better. Not to be sorry about the chosen name, it is necessary to use the special dictionary in which all secrets of character of the person are revealed.

2. Parents with great awe approach the choice of a name for the kid. And it is correct because the child should not hesitate of it. Unfortunately, there is a lot of cases when the adult wants to replace the name given it in the childhood. Therefore you should not call the child by echoes of the last centuries.

3. Today the names which are dropping out for birthday of the kid according to the church calendar are very popular. Especially it is important for the believing parents. Sofia, Anna, Ostap, Bogdan, Ivan, Pyotr became the most popular names in this category.

4. 2014 - year of the Horse which is famous for the birth of extraordinary, talented and successful people. If to trust astrology, the full name of the person has to come to an end on a consonant, and the middle name to begin on a vowel. It is the ideal and easily memorable option. According to numerology, your choice affects destiny and character of the kid therefore be circumspect when choosing a name to the child. For example, if you choose a name on to the sign zodiac.

5. In top-30 names for girls Polina, Sofia, Aleksandra, Eve, Elizabeth, Anastasia, Maria, Arina, Victoria, Valeria, Kira, Alina, Milena, Anna, Ulyana, Alice, Gold, Veronika, Oksana, Varvara, Yulia, Ekaterina, Diana, Milana, Margarita, Angelina, Karina, Darius, Taisiya, Camila enter.

6. For boys it is necessary to carry such to a top-30 of names: Alexander, Nikita, Artem, Daniil, Alexey, Matvei, Timofey, Kirill, Igor, Ilya, Yaroslav, Maxim, Ivan, Marko, Andrey, Arseny, Gleb, Vladislav, Anton, David, Denis, Timur, Vladimir, Bogdan, Mikhail, Dmitry, Nazar, Nikolay, Lev, Svyatoslav.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team