What names suit Yury

What names suit Yury

The name Yury is transferred from Greek as the farmer. It is considered that this name Egor and Georgy has the general roots with names. Owners of this name are quite passive on the nature therefore it is very important to them to choose companions of life with suitable names that can facilitate creation of the relations.

Yury's character

Yury usually is very quiet and balanced person, some people can consider him too closed and shipped in itself. Despite internal tranquility peculiar to Yury, its gestures, the mimicry and a manner to speak often differ in artistry and affectedness.

Already in the early childhood Yury seldom needs the help and attention of people around. He is capable to spend interestingly and pleasantly a lot of time alone. Yury easily gets the friendly relations with other children, at the same time he does not need frequent communication with age-mates. Yury studies usually very well as he differs in mind, attentiveness and assiduity. It is held in respect of schoolmates and teachers. As Yury does not feel the need for the noisy companies, he chooses friends very captiously, usually very serious children get to his immediate environment.

Yury is very purposeful therefore he with ease does career. It often causes displeasure in his colleagues, however seldom someone makes to Yury a claim openly as the owner of this name inspires surrounding peculiar awe and unpleasant irrational fear. The thing is that serious and accurate Yury quite often has very strict, even gloomy appearance.

Search of the partner

Yury does not love and is not able to look after women, he feels with them not too surely therefore he prefers to concede an initiative to other party. He practically never begins acquaintance by the first, does not suggest to change the status of the relations. Most often not Yury chooses the companion of life, and the companion of life — Yury. For this reason he suits owners of strong independent names with very bright power. From Yury the good spouse turns out. He easily copes with household problems, cares for the house. Unfortunately, Yury usually not too brightly shows love and tenderness for own children, however very strong feelings usually are behind this restraint. The ideal relations develop between Yuriya and Antonina, Zinaida, Larisa, Lyubov and Natalya. Women with these names have strong penetrative characters, easily begin the relations the first, are ready to show an initiative. In the relations with Yury the owner of any of the listed names completely reveals, showing the best qualities. Yury should not get the relations with Alla, Elizabeth, Veronika or Tatyana. Women with these names usually quite soft, passive, it is difficult to them to draw Yury's attention. Besides, in the long relations Yury can just crush their identity.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team