What needs to be known to be ready to school

What needs to be known to be ready to school

Many think that if the child is able to write and read, then he is completely ready to school. And it not everyone. Before school of the child it is necessary to teach:


1. To read. All children differently develop. Reading comes to someone easily, and to someone not really. Some read fluently, and some and on syllables and with great difficulty. The school, of course, cannot but accept the child who is not able to read, but it is necessary for the first grader. There is no wish that the child felt defectively near the reading children. It is desirable to be able to write simple words or phrases with printing letters.

2. To be able to count up at least to ten. The child has to do it consciously. It is not necessary that he just jagged. Still it is necessary to master the return account.

3. To call itself. To know the name, a surname, a middle name. The nobility as call parents, it is desirable grandmothers and grandfathers. To accurately tell the age. The bulk of children knows all this since small years. But there are also exceptions which to school even a surname were not taught to be told.

4. To know days of the week, to distinguish seasons. Thinking has to work for the child correctly. These questions not so difficult, and first graders have to answer them. To understand, than the winter from summer, spring from fall differs.

5. To be independent. At school it will be necessary most to put on, shoes on, clean up, to put everything on the places. All these skills will be useful on physical education, behind a school desk when the kid gathers home.

6. To distinguish objects. To choose identical from lump. These classes are directed to logic and attentiveness.

7. To know geometrical figures. The child accurately has to understand difference between them and to call them.

8. To distinguish colors. At least the child has to know seven primary colors. So far it is not obligatory to learn shades.

9. To do differences between people by gender. It is obligatory to distinguish the boy from the girl. And also adults and children. That is men from boys, women from girls.

10. Let's the child develop fully is the most important. Also do not take away the childhood from children. Through games they learn the world at such age. Let the child enjoy - plays, walks, runs, jumps. Do not overload him with circles, preschool courses. You are able to prepare the kid for school. It is necessary just to spend with him more time. Talk, listen, answer.

11. To feel a difference between ""well"" and ""badly""

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team