What norm of hemoglobin at pregnant women

What norm of hemoglobin at pregnant women

Hemoglobin – the blood substance which is a part of erythrocytes, red blood cells. Function of hemoglobin consists in supply of body tissues with oxygen and their disposal of carbon dioxide. During pregnancy the change of level of hemoglobin is considered norm. Not to allow oxygen starvation of the child, it is necessary to control hemoglobin indicators.

Norms of hemoglobin

If during pregnancy the strong falling of level of hemoglobin is observed, the organism of mother and child will be badly supplied with oxygen. It has irreversible consequences for development of the child in the future therefore it is very important to support hemoglobin level normal. During pregnancy of its value are ranging from 120 up to 140 grams on blood liter.

Feature is decrease in hemoglobin during end of the second trimester of pregnancy. Norm of decrease the indicator of 110 grams on blood liter is considered. If values of hemoglobin are much lower, means there came the condition of anemia.

Distinguish three degrees of anemia: - easy – the content of hemoglobin is from 90 to 110 grams on liter; - average – indicators from 80 to 90 grams on liter; - heavy – indicators less than 80 grams on liter. At easy and average degree of anemia it is possible to raise hemoglobin indicators consumption of ferriferous products. When by means of change of food it is impossible to raise it, appoint ferriferous medicines. It is recommended to choose the last with care as many of them can provoke locks. At heavy degree of anemia usually appoint complex treatment in a day hospital.

Signs of decrease in hemoglobin

The following signs can testify to low hemoglobin: - constant fatigue, slackness, lack of an emotional tone; - tachycardia, loss of appetite, disorder of a GIT; - stomatitises, fragility of nail plates, dry skin, cracks in mouth corners; - frequent catarrhal diseases. During pregnancy the reserve of hemoglobin of the child which will be spent after his birth is formed. Therefore it is very important for the woman to create this stock during incubation of the child. Very often it can achieve, using food with the high content of iron and minerals which help iron to be acquired.

Products rich with iron

Treat ferriferous products: beef meat, light meat of hens, buckwheat, lentil. Apples, plums, bananas, pomegranates, blackcurrant, walnuts and dried fruits are also very rich with this microcell. Iron is perfectly acquired in combination with vitamin C which there is a lot of in orange juice, spinach, paprika. Control of indicators of hemoglobin - guarantee of excellent health of mom and her child. Therefore at any deterioration in health it is necessary to address the expert as soon as possible.

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