What normal weight for the newborn

What normal weight for the newborn

Each mother is interested in a burning question - how many the child at the birth weighs. This indicator depends on a set of factors: as the pregnant woman what she a constitution whether the kid was born full-term ate.


1. The normal weight of the newborn fluctuates within 2500-4500. Naturally, it is a conditional indicator. Even the full-term children sometimes are born weighing less than 2.5 kg. The pregnant woman can have it in case of a lack of vitamins and minerals. Also small children often are born at slender girls.

2. It is considered that average weight – – is 3300-3500 an indicator of health of the baby. But even the children having the body weight of 2000 at the birth can be absolutely healthy. Another thing is that, the newborn's weight is less, the it is uneasier – wakes up more often, wants to eat more often, needs rocking, carrying on hands, a dream near mother more.

3. Often speak about the "heavy" child who was born weighing 4-5 kg – quiet as an elephant calf. Really, chubby babies are more inclined to passivity, shout less often and wake up at night.

4. You should not panic if the normal weight of the newborn suddenly spreads down. In the first days of life children can lose 5-6% of body weight. It is connected with energy expenses which occur after the birth and also small dehydration of an organism of the baby.

5. Interests parents not only how many the child at the birth weighs, but also as actively he has to gain weight the first half a year of life. During this period mom with the kid often visit the pediatrician who carries out planned weighings. As each child is individual, the doctor uses a special formula for calculation of an increase of body weight. It looks so: NW (newborn's weight) + 800xN = weight. "N" means the number of the months lived by the baby. For example, if the child weighed at the birth of 3000 g, and now he is 4 months old, then its normal weight is equal to 6200 g.

6. After half a year the formula of calculation of normal weight becomes complicated. VN + 800х6 (a set of body weight for half a year) + 400th (N–6) where N is number of months (from 6 to 12). That is, the 8th the monthly child, the given rise weighing 3000 g, will weigh 8600 g.

7. This formula is relative, as well as the normal weight of the newborn. Therefore mom should not be anxious if the doctor assures that her child is healthy. Besides the full-term children born with a small weight develop in the first month of life simply quicker. They eat more to overtake for the more well-fed peers. Therefore their speed of set of weight does not keep within a classical formula. They add on average on 100-300 g a month more.

8. Also it is worth doing a discount for a constitution of the baby. Body weight at the birth often depends on the constitution. So there is nothing terrible that the child was born weighing less than 2.5 kg or more than 4.5 kg.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team