What person is called inadequate

What person is called inadequate

Inadequate it is accepted to call that person whose behavior considerably differs from standard in negative sense. Near such strange individual it can be uncomfortable and it is even terrible.


Inadequate can call the person who at first sight stands out from the crowd. If it has fancy appearance or the behavior differing from standard people around can consider it strange. Any deviations from an average value can disturb those who are near such individual. But especially people are frightened by those who at the strangeness also are quite active or hypothetically pose a threat for people around.

Depending on a situation, inadequate can consider the person who talks just very loudly, sharply gesticulates or modulatingly laughs loudly in the public place. The fact that the individual affords more, than others, can begin to guard people around. Such fears are connected with suspicions of the person of alcoholic or drug intoxication or a mental illness.


Certainly, some people consider boors and hooligans inadequate. People who show aggression at work or in public places which do not hesitate to row with might and main become personal also insults, cause fear in more reserved individuals. Aggression can pour out not necessarily in a negative. Impetuous fun without the reason and on the verge of a hysterics can also become the basis of recognition of the person surrounding inadequate. Excessive manifestation of emotions, inappropriate and not constrained, be it rage, tears or laughter, causes a resonance in society as does not fit into social norms of behavior.


The inadequate person can consider the one who has strange habits. People, all the life can already count the collecting collections from the things which are not of any value for most of members of society on a rank of delusioneds. And if the hobby outgrows all borders and the scale reminds a mania, then, most likely, neighbors and acquaintances will begin to twist a finger at a temple. When the person is obsessed with some idea and lives only to it, for people around he can look strange. For example, if the individual is mad about sterile purity or total economy without the special reasons, other people perceive him as delusioned. The person lives in the world and feels comfortable in such state. And his acquaintances consider that it has a mental disorder and perceive such way of life in bayonets.


Those which behave absolutely differently can call inadequate the person. Here subjective perception of behavior and the words of other people takes place. For someone the representative of other state will already be a delusioned because his manners do not fit into the world created in other individual. Therefore when hanging on others of labels some people should think, but whether they are for someone examples of inadequate behavior because of thinking, mentality or acts.

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