What phrases cannot be spoken to the child

What phrases cannot be spoken to the child

There are such phrases and expressions which children can never tell. As a result of such words at the child the self-assessment can go down. There will be a bad mood, diffidence, this kid will begin not to get on well at study. Therefore advice to parents: you praise more than the children, support, do not reproach without need.

It is required to you

  • From you it will be required to find a little time for reading.


1. "Do not touch, you will break or you will spoil everything". From such words at the child the feeling that he can make nothing will be formed and is not able.

2. "Do not distract, is accurater, more attentive". As the result can appear uncertainty in the forces and abilities.

3. "Petya does everything well and everything is in time, and you …". At the child the hatred to this Petya begins to be formed. He feels worthless, the clumsy. The foundation to envy is laid. This phrase will help you to grow up the loser.

4. "Could and it is better to make". As a result what was reached by the child becomes invaluable, to nobody necessary. Instead of a praise he received censure, he is disappointed and upset. Something can be gone to do an incentive in the future, to try.

5. "Here I in your years". We laugh at this phrase for a long time. It reminds something like a joke. You consider yourself by an ideal, want the child to be the same. It is too heavy for it and it is impossible.

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