What physical treason differs from spiritual in

What physical treason differs from spiritual in

Researches of psychologists showed that most of people had a certain point of view about the nature of such phenomenon as treason. Some suffer from treason spiritual which cornerstone the perception of emotional behavior of the spouse or partner is. And it is difficult for others to transfer physical treason, because of unacceptability of the physiological relations with foreign people.

Spiritual treason

Women most often suffer from treason spiritual, at them feelings are on the first place, and the emotional incorrectness brings them huge sufferings.

They consider that if one soul changed other soul, there was an irrevocable loss.

There is such popular belief: "The physical incorrectness is satisfaction of biological requirements". And partners, are more often than the man, after such proximity can not remember about each other. But if between two remote people the spiritual proximity is felt if they let into the secrets and last to each other, then their future relations will lead to crash of own family.

Some women consider spiritual rapprochement in many respects it is more important physical. Not each man is ready to listen and understand the darling when she has a need to be uttered. And then at the weaker sex the feeling of unity of souls is gradually lost. In those couples where in time will not feel any failure in the relations, the estrangement and isolation at the partner - repeatedly grows the probability of spiritual treason with the first comer by the person who is capable to listen and encourage only.

Psychologists are sure that practically always treason spiritual develops into physical.

Physical treason

It appears, many men consider that the concept of spiritual treason was thought up by romantically adjusted women. Confidence in physiological fidelity of the partner is very important for the stronger sex. He needs to know that he is a father of the future or raised at present children. One more theory is based that, having changed physiologically, the woman, having had sexual satisfaction, does not feel full-fledged pleasure, having sense of guilt before the lawful husband and children. In everyday life the people learn about the facts of physical treason much more often, than spiritual. Why people are consciously ready to the physiological relations with strangers to them spiritually people? One of the reasons is the wrong choice of the partner with inappropriate type of character. In other case after long joint life couple just has no children. Thirdly, and most often the reason is in sexual incompatibility or dissatisfaction of one or both partners. According to church and most of sane people, there is no need to divideof treason on category: physical or spiritual. Any actions made in this direction will be considered as negative.

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