What powder it is better to wash children's things

What powder it is better to wash children's things

Since the birth the baby contacts to linen and clothes. Therefore it is very important to treat washing of things of the child with full responsibility, considering supersensitivity of children's skin. It is better to wash children's clothes hypoallergenic powders without chemical additives and aggressive impurity.

Usual powders which incorporate phosphates, chlorine and surfactants more than 15% can seriously do much harm to health of the adult and furthermore child.

Harm of usual powders

Usual powder contains anion surfactants (A-PAV) for an effective otstiryvaniye of strong proteinaceous pollution. A-PAV is well sostiryvat from fabrics by fats, connecting them to water molecules, but are very badly rinsed by cold water and remain on a surface of clean things. At contact with skin of the person they cause degreasing and dehydration of the top layer of an epithelium. Besides, A-PAV very quickly coming into contact with gentle, thin skin of the child, cause allergic dermatitis and strong irritations.

Also in order that water stopped being rigid, add phosphates to usual powder. The powder containing this additive very well foams, but it is worth to remember about toxicity of this element. Frequent use of laundry detergent with phosphates brings the child's skin to absolute dryness and allergic reaction. Getting through skin to blood, phosphates can cause irreversible changes of composition of blood of the person.

Optical bleaches remain on a surface of things too and create effect of purity due to allocation of a certain range of UF of beams.

Children's things cannot be washed the powders and stain removers containing chlorine at all. It not only causes allergies, irritates airways, but also provokes complications in a cardiovascular system.

Safe powders

The modern market represents the wide range of laundry detergents which can use without harm for health. However the inscription on packing claiming that this means is intended for children's things, not the guarantor of quality yet. The trust of skilled parents was gained by laundry detergents in which aggressive substances contain in the number of 5-15% and no more. Such powders call eco-friendly or what powders. Among them Garden, Ecol and Frosch are the most available. Using them, it is possible to be quiet for health of the child and all family.

Only the solid large company which values the name and reputation will be engaged in conducting frequent expensive testings of the products, for obtaining the certificate of safety.

The linen after washing by them will be not only ideally fresh, but also with an unostentatious delicate perfume, without any chemical fragrances like "lavender" or "frosty freshness" and the bleaching optical additives. What powders do not spoil fabric, perfectly cope with spots, linen does not lose color scale, is perfectly rinsed. The composition of these powders is almost completely natural and therefore does not cause allergies and dryness of skin.

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