What prayer to say to become pregnant

What prayer to say to become pregnant

Some young families put the child's birth away for later today, trying to earn at first on own housing, the car and other benefits of a civilization. Forgetting in a pursuit of material benefits about a temporary factor, subsequently such couples appear in an office of the doctor with complaints to infertility or difficulties in conception of children. What to do if long-awaited pregnancy does not occur? Try to address to the highest authority …

Power of prayer

Reproductive function decreases with age both at women, and at men. Also the reason of lack of pregnancy can be in the state of health or psychological problems of one of partners. Conception of the baby is the greatest sacrament subject only to God therefore resorting to medical assistance, it is necessary to ask him about talent to you the child.

Even up-to-date in vitro fertilization does not guarantee a 100% guarantee of approach of pregnancy.

If you decided to ask for the child's God, you need to choose the prayer suitable for you. There are many prayers about talent of children and healing from infertility – so, prayers to Roman Chudotvortsu and Saints Zachariah and Elizabeth are considered as very good. These Saints all life prayed to the Lord for sending of children by him, and he heard them – on his blessing already elderly Zachariah and Elizabeth could conceive the son John the Forerunner. If the impossibility to become pregnant is connected with a disease of one of partners, it is necessary to ask God about healing. In such cases it is necessary to handle a sincere prayer to an icon of the Mother of God "Healer", to read forty days' prayers about health to David Garedzhiysky or to pray to the mother Matronushka Moskovskaya.

Prayer to the blessed Matron

About the help Matrona of Moscow's Saint arrives a set of positive reviews. A huge number of the women incapable to take out and give birth to the child, in despair visited its grave in the territory of the Pokrovsk monastery. As a result many of them soon with surprise understood that their prayers were heard, and the belly, at last, started up the sprouts.

Before visit of relics of the blessed Matron it is necessary to be prepared, clean morally a body and soul and also it is obligatory to forgive all offenses to the offenders.

"Oh, blissful MATI the Matron, we resort to your predstatelstvo and to you tearfully we ask. Yako propertied vely plainness on the Lord, spill a warm prayer about rabekh yours, in grief is more sincere staying and help from you asking. Truly bo word Lord's: you ask and is given you and a pack ice: if two from you you soveshchat a yak, on the earth about any thing, an eyazha if pro-sieve, will be Yim from the Father Moy, the Izh on Nebesekh. Uslysha our ubovozdykhaniya also carry to a throne Vladychnya, and a dezha you predstoish of a vsma, a yak before God the righteous person's prayer can much. Yes the Lord not up to the end will forget us, but will disdain from height nebesnyya on grief of the slaves and the fruit of the womb on useful grants. Truly, Bogidete hoshcht, create taka the Lord to Abraham and Sarr, Zachariah and to Elisaveta, Jehoiakim and Anna, with him moths. The taka yes will be created by Lord and to us on the favor and not uttered philanthrophy. Awake the name Dominical blessed from nowadays and till a century. Amen"

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