What probability of the birth of the healthy kid

What probability of the birth of the healthy kid

Probability of the birth of the healthy kid can be counted beforehand, before childbirth and even before conception. It is possible not to be the expert in medicine, and it is enough to make common sense, logical thinking and to remember school elements in the field of genetics.


1. Health of future child depends on full value of an organism of parents. They transfer all genetic information to new generation. Probability of the birth of the kid without pathology is much higher at strong mothers and fathers, than at patients. Many mental and somatic diseases are inherited. Study medical records of parents, on the first pages there is a leaf of record of final diagnoses. Exactly there, you will be able to gather information on diseases. The list of pathologies is longer, the range of manifestations are more various and wider, the probability of healthy generation is less.

2. The probability of the birth of the healthy kid is influenced by genetic diseases of parents. If the father or mother have a pathology connected with the X, Y chromosome, then it is necessary to resort to formulas from the field of genetics. + XX (set of mother) give to XY (set of the father) a different genetic set if one of 46 chromosomes is coded incorrectly, then all organism of the child suffers. Represent a formula on the sheet of paper and connect all combinations, having marked presumably sick gene at the parent in other color. The percent of probability of the birth of the healthy kid at couples where someone is sick one, will be made by combinations in which there is no marked gene. Having assumed that both are sick, mark in other color a gene in each chromosomal couple, then clean combinations it will turn out much less, respectively generation birth probability without pathology it is insignificant it is small. Often women have no male genetic illnesses, and are bearers of the disease connected with X. Such mothers give a defective gene to the sons with probability to 50%.

3. Remember that if a shelter at mother a Rhesus factor - negative, and dad gave to the child a positive gene, then there is a Rhesus factor conflict. The incompatibility causes protective reaction of the woman, and her organism directs all actions to rejection of a fruit. Such kid not always survives or is born with high probability of development of a hemolytic disease of newborns.

4. Analyze addictions of parents to addictions. If future father and mother abused alcohol, nicotine or drugs, then the probability of the birth of the child without pathology sharply falls. Everything that is accepted by the woman during incubation, is transferred by birth to a fruit. Each toxicological substance from an organism of the woman strikes the kid and reduces the probability of the birth of the healthy child.

5. From the prenatal record study the anamnesis of the postponed infectious diseases. Many virus defeats of mother render irreparable harm to health of a fruit. For example, the rubella injures an acoustical nerve, and the cytomegalovirus causes a cerebral palsy of the kid.

6. You remember the dangerous periods during pregnancy. All postponed, even insignificant, stresses and pathologies of mother for 6, 14, 18 and 28 weeks of pre-natal development have extremely negative effect on a condition of the kid and lower the probability of the birth of the healthy child.

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