What probability to become pregnant during a lactation

What probability to become pregnant during a lactation

Among many young mothers the opinion that when feeding by a breast it is impossible to become pregnant is widespread. However practice shows other: without use of additional methods of contraception even women who throughout the entire period of a lactation had no periods are pregnant women. Perhaps, they incorrectly used this method of contraception – laktatsionny amenoreyu.


1. Such way of natural contraception as the method of a laktatsionny amenorea (MLA) is known long ago. By scientists it is noticed that breastfeeding suppresses an ovulation and, as a result, delays emergence of periods in women. This physiological phenomenon is provided by the nature: after the delivery the organism is very weak, its many functions (including reproductive) are restored not at once and therefore emergence of new pregnancy is still undesirable. Doctors of the whole world consider a method of a laktatsionny amenorea very reliable (98% of efficiency), but only at observance of some conditions.

2. The Method of a Laktatsionny Amenorea (MLA) is effective in case the woman feeds the child not on the mode, and "on demand". The more often and more actively the kid sucks a breast, the more in a female body is developed hormone of prolactin which increases amount of breast milk and suppresses an ovulation. That the method "worked", the woman has to nurse the child at least each 3-4 hours in the afternoon and each 5-6 hours at night. If you for any reasons do not put the child to a breast, and decant milk to feed the kid from a small bottle, reliability of a method falls. It appears the most effective MLA for mothers of those children who are very uneasy and often demand a breast. Though to such women in the first months after the delivery just not to intimate proximity.

3. It is possible to rely on MLA only in the first 6 months of life of the child when the woman practices only breastfeeding without introduction of a feeding up. In attempt of excommunication from a breast or by the beginning of a feeding up of the kid reliability of a method significantly decreases.

4. MLA is admissible to use only before resumption of periods (or at least emergence of the smearing allocations). Restoration of a menstrual cycle after the delivery means that in a female body there are ovulations, so, perhaps new conception. However, you can never foreknow about recovery of fertility and about what one of ovaries already sovulirovat – emergence of periods means the beginning of a new cycle. Therefore you can easily become pregnant already in that cycle which preceded the first periods.

5. As the way of contraception, MLA, except efficiency has many other advantages: usability, lack of financial expenses, huge advantage for restoration of an organism of mother and the child's food, lack of influence on sexual intercourse and side effects.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team