What problems are peculiar to teenage age

What problems are peculiar to teenage age

The teenage age is considered transition from a condition of the child to the adult. This period is the most difficult since at this time there is a formation of the personality. And it is very important not to miss the moment, and to help and support the maturing child.

What difficulties happen in awkward age

Usually carry aged people from 12 to 17 years to teenagers. During this period on average there is a growing of the person. If till this time he is considered still the child who does not take any responsibility for the acts and actions and thinking still works childly, then after - changes in an organism begin to happen.

The child begins to mature and develop quickly both physically, and intellectually. There is a hormonal reorganization - development of a large amount of sex hormones. As a result of which, at the person external sexual characters begin to be shown, the figure is formed. During this period the teenager feels clumsy because of the unusual state, with rare exception, when this process happens very quickly and in one or two years - already completely created guy or the girl.

Except physical change also the character of the person strongly changes. Perhaps, for a short period from the dear kind child there will be an embittered and aggressive teenager. Such sharp changes are caused by hormonal changes and also formation own "I". At this moment often there is a process denial of all former. The clothes style, manners, tastes, a circle of contacts, etc. changes. The character usually changes not to the best. The aggression, conflictness, mental instability or, on the contrary, isolation, shyness, shyness, the underestimated self-assessment is not all qualities which can be shown during the teenage period. Because the teenager begins to mature, his outlook becomes another and often it seems to it that all are incited against it, try to infringe upon its interests and do not reckon with his opinion. At this moment he wants to be independent and to make all decisions itself, sometimes they are very wrong under the influence of emotions. Also often there are conflicts with parents even if before there was very good trusting relationship, the teenager can become reserved, begin to be rude or in general to run away from the house. The opinion of age-mates, than skilled adults as it seems to them that the age and the authority they suppress them is considered priority. At teenage age high probability to become addicted to addictions: alcohol, smoking, drugs. Especially, if the immediate environment consists of such "advanced" peers who can specially provoke to it.

How to help the child to experience teenage age without big problems

Generally, the transition period is difficult both for the teenager, and for his parents. It is important to endure it with smaller losses. It is impossible to control the child at all at all, forbidding him all and denying any his decisions. Even if they to you seem absolutely incorrect. Thus, you will achieve or total loss of the authority, and further - manifestations of all your restrictions, or suppression of the child as persons, absence from it a firm midstream. It is impossible to provide all consequences, but some operations after all should be performed, but not to neglect. Otherwise, in this case, not really good results are possible too. First of all, the child has to see your sincere love, but not conditional: "I love the obedient child", "if you study well", etc. You have to love him just for the fact that it is your child, but not for some qualities and acts. All of us make gaffes and mistakes. And the child has to feel that houses will always understand him and will accept any. The relations between parents are an example too - if in family constantly the conflicts, quarrels, shouts - it negatively affects weak mentality of the child. And if in family - the quiet friendly atmosphere open for communication and discussion of any problems, then it helps the teenager to share the experiences and difficulties. It is only not necessary to ignore it, even trifles can seem at that time for it very important and serious. Try to be for the child the friend who will listen and if it is necessary, slightly will modify his decision. Do not impose the opinion and do not give advice when they are not asked. Control the teenager so that he did not guess it. And of course, try, to take as much as possible its time with something useful and developing. If there is such opportunity, then do it by all family, well or at least write down it on different circles. The main thing that these classes were pleasant to it too even if if you like others. Do not limit ability of the child, you praise more often and support his initiatives, and in this case, the real person who will be responsible for the actions and acts will grow up from the small child, to treat responsibly everything and further, will thank you for the help and support.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team