What professional sport to choose for the child

What professional sport to choose for the child

Your child grows, and you want to choose for him sports section? Do you dream that your child became a sport star? Then it is better for you to understand in advance what pluses and minuses have the most widespread sports. First of all, it is worth understanding that behind multimillion contracts, world and Olympic medals hidden floods of tears, sweat, and it is frequent also the champion's blood. The professional sport is a heartrending experience which will be transferred not by each adult, not to mention children's mentality.

The list of the most professional types for men includes soccer, hockey, single combats. Parents of girls usually want their daughter to do individual sport: figure skating, swimming, gymnastics.

There are also "expensive" sports which can promote your child in establishment of business contacts. The best example: tennis.

Individual sports

Contracts of loner athletes usually "weigh" more, than at most of athletes in teams. On the other hand, payment of the trainer for your child in figure skating, tennis or swimming will be the main item of expenditure and article powerful. If at you not so many means and still you believe in character of the winner of your child, can send him to less expensive sport. The gymnastics and single combats are sponsored by the state, there are many sports school schools (child and youthful and sports) functioning through municipal budget.

The competition in the majority of "inexpensive" sports, like track and field athletics (run, throwing of shells) is big, and expenses too rather big. Money is necessary as for purchase of equipment (pulse sensors, weighting compounds), and for observance of a sports diet.

It is worth carrying gymnastics (one of the most dangerous types, children often injure a neck or a backbone), boxing, free-style wrestling to injury-causing. Having sent the son / daughter to one of these sections, you for certain will often see him with fractures, bruises or bruises.

It is possible, reasonable to stop the choice on Rugby-7. In it it is less competition, and loadings are high.

Team sports

Among command types the most dangerous is the soccer. This game means frequent contact of the unprotected players at high speeds. Children seldom think of safety measures in the field (in the heat of a game also adult professionals quite often forget to do it). In case of serious collision the serious operation can be necessary for the child (and expensive). The lack of funds for it will mean a cross on professional career of the child. In volleyball and hockey of injuries it is less (in the first - due to lack of direct contacts with opponents, in the second - at the expense of heavy protective equipment). Doing it is professional these sports, the child will receive both from physical, and from the emotional point of view - the command qualities useful to formation of the personality.

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