What pulse is normal at pregnancy

What pulse is normal at pregnancy

Future mothers quite often complain of tachycardia during pregnancy. Tachycardia can cause a set of problems, but it cannot be carried to the menacing state – during this period of norm of ChSS for an organism change a little, and the raised pulse during pregnancy is usual.

It is required to you

  • - device for measurement of pressure;
  • - consultation of the gynecologist.


1. The female body during pregnancy constantly undergoes changes – for example, the volume of blood which is pumped over by heart seriously increases. At the end of pregnancy the volume of blood increases approximately by one and a half liters, and heart should get used to such loading – these and heartbeat increase speaks first of all. From this it is possible to draw a conclusion that increase pulsein at pregnancy – absolutely normal state.

2. Certainly, for increase in pulse there is a certain norm. For each woman it the – pulse can increase no more, than by 15 units. If normal rate of warm reductions before pregnancy the woman had, for example, 90 beats per minute, then during incubation of the child 100-105 will be normal.

3. Indicators of heart rate reach a maximum in the third trimester. At this stage all bodies of the child are already completely created, and it needs to grow and get stronger only. The volume of mother of blood circulating in an organism through which to the child oxygen and also vitamins, minerals and minerals arrives forces heart to work in the accelerated mode. Mother's pulse can reach 110-115 beats per minute at this time – it is normal.

4. It is only necessary to prick up the ears in case the pregnant woman, except complaints to the raised pulse, has also others. It can be dizziness, nausea and weakness, consciousness loss. It is necessary to undergo in such cases inspection for clarification of the reason of these symptoms. The gynecologist can appoint administration of the drugs containing minerals or possessing the calming influence. But excessively it is not necessary to be fond of their reception too.

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