What pushes the woman to serve or work at military unit

What pushes the woman to serve or work at military unit

Russia does not call up women for military service, but they can go to service if have such desire. For someone the similar decision is a riddle, especially for a number of men, considerable quantity which would prefer to avoid military service. For what reasons of the woman do go to serve?

Material reasons

In economically depressive subsidized regions the military service is one of opportunities to earn good money. And often it is almost only opportunity for those who have no pronounced talents in other areas or very good education.

Women and girls go to army under the contract as there promise to pay quite good salary, quite often there are also opportunities to receive preferential housing. In addition those who do military service get also other advantages. It is longer holiday and retirement slightly earlier, than for other professions. The employee charges various raises thanks to which pension significantly increases. Social guarantees for military it is better too, than for civil.

Desire to marry

It is one of the reasons too though not so frequent. A number of women note that they would always like to marry the military, and where to find to themselves the suitable husband how not in army or on service? Women in military units are not enough therefore an opportunity to find to themselves the partner really exists quite big. Even those who do not think of marrying all the same note advantages of work in men's collective: there are no eternal gossips and intrigues which reign in the women's companies, special attention of men pleasantly warms soul, especially if the woman lonely.

Strong character and desire to receive a certain profession

It is one of the main factors which at decision-making usually outweighs all others though then forget about it a little. The woman goes to serve to bring benefit to the homeland, it has strong character and wants to prove. Some professions are rather easily available only to military. For example, it is much simpler to study flight business in military unit and in military educational institution. There are civil aviation educational institutions, but they are not enough, it is convenient not to all to study there. There are also other professions which to receive much more simply if you are a military. Sometimes such women in family have all military. Continuity and traditions are so strong that the girlfriend of differently does not see. The military uniform is necessary for her to consider that in life it took place.

Escape from life

Not too frequent reason, but also it meets. Sometimes women leave army as the military service radically differs from a habitual way of life. These differences are so strong that it is possible to forget about everything, about any grief which could happen at the woman in life.

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