What put inoculations at school

What put inoculations at school

All developed European countries are engaged in development and production of necessary vaccines for own needs. Russia manufactures today ten medicines which are included in the calendar of inoculations for children. What medicines and for what inoculations they are intended are?

Inoculations to school students

In the first class carry usually out vaccination against a mumps, measles, chickenpox and a rubella, doing MMRV inoculation. The first dose of this vaccine is received by first graders to whom they did not do a chickenpox inoculation. It is desirable to receive the second dose in a private order through policlinic. In the second class the school students receive inoculations against a tetanus, diphtherias, poliomyelitis and whooping cough – the vaccine Tdap-IPV.

For children who already received the first inoculation to school the vaccination in the first class will be the second dose.

After the second class of an inoculation continue to do only in the eighth class – the decision of the Ministry of Health, will vaccinate girls from a virus of papilloma of the person HPV inoculation. This inoculation was entered in the list of routine vaccination only in 2013. The program of regular inoculations surely has to be observed in the recommended time and in strict accordance with age. It is extremely undesirable to make significant changes to this program.

General rules of inoculations

Performing vaccination is always entered in the medical information database of the Ministry of Health and documented in the book of children's inoculations. At the beginning of academic year send to parents from school the form under the name "declaration of health" which is under responsibility of the Ministry of Health. Parents have to undersign on the form and return it back to school.

If the child at the previous inoculations had any complications, it is necessary to warn the school nurse about it.

In two weeks prior to an inoculation the message with a request is sent to parents to send the book of children's inoculations to the nurse of school. She needs to be transferred before date which is specified in the message – it is necessary in order that the nurse could be trained for performing vaccination in advance. If parents do not wish to vaccinate the child for any good reason, they have to document the refusal in the "declaration of health" form or in advance notify on it school medical staff. School vaccination is cancelled if the child is ill, and his temperature exceeds 38 degrees. At lower temperature, lack of heat or an easy form of a disease it is undesirable to refuse an inoculation. Also a reason for refusal of vaccination is not slight diarrhea, a local infection or a slight respiratory disease.

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