What record of the maximum birth of children

What record of the maximum birth of children

Today very few people can be surprised with twins and triplets. Here uniovular, identical, twins meet less often. However there are records of the simultaneous birth of children which received the Guinness Book of Records.


1. Perhaps, special attention chetvern and hands are worthy. Statistically, simultaneous fertilization by four spermatozoa meets on average 1.5 times on one million. In the 20th century in the world there were only 15 quartets of identical twins, 10 of them were girls. It is much more Raznoyaytsovy quartets. To the most senior of them - Edna, Uilm, Sar and Helen Morlok from Michigan – now for 84 years.

2. All drove out of five sisters of Dion – the identical twins who were born in Canada 80 years ago at the birth. It was the real sensation at that time. The family of girls received at once the big house where the people wishing to look at this miracle of the nature constantly came. One of girls died in 1954, the second in the 1964th. Three are alive and until now.

3. Very seldom record polycarpous pregnancy terminates in safe childbirth. For example, from at the same time given rise in family Bushnell (1886, Chicago) six kids, survived only four. And here the shesternyashka from the Republic of South Africa which were born in 1974 were lucky more – all children survived. Today in the world there are 14 sextets from which three live in America, and three in Great Britain.

4. It appears, records of the simultaneous birth of children - not such a rarity. For example, on seven children Hasna Mohammed Humayr (Saudi Arabia, 1998) and Gazalu Khamis gave birth to Bobbie Makkogi (the USA, 1997) (Egypt, 2008). All childbirth took place by Cesarean section, and in the latter case children were full-term and healthy that at polycarpous pregnancy meets extremely seldom.

5. Probably, at women the nature put rivalry in the field of motherhood. Having precisely inspired by a record Gazalu Khamis, at the beginning of 2009 Nadiia Souleymane who became pregnant by means of ECO gave rise to eight kids. It is remarkable that the young woman already had six kids. Now 39-year-old Nadia mom of 14 children.

6. Any record polycarpous pregnancy – 9 children at the same time, according to the Guinness Book of Records, did not terminate happily. In 1999 the devyaternyashka were born at a 29-year malaziyka who was persistently treated for infertility before. Children – five girls and four boys, were premature and lived only 5 hours. Also the birth of such number of children are registered in Australia (1971), Philadelphia (1972), England (1976), by Bangladesh (1977), Italy (1979). Among them there was no survived child.

7. Cases when women bore 10 and more children are also known. However, all kids died while giving birth. And the most known record belongs to the Italian whose of womb in 1971 the doctor after 4 months of pregnancy took 15 embryos. It is unknown what would be if all of them developed.

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