What requirements at the child during the different periods of development arise

What requirements at the child during the different periods of development arise

Everyone has requirements. Certainly, in many respects they are defined by specific features of the person, his interests, preferences. Nevertheless many requirements, according to psychologists, depend also on age, especially this business concerns the child. Children cannot understand and tell adults that it is really necessary for them therefore parents have to be able to define needs of the child at each stage of development.

The child goes to kindergarten

Very responsible and absolutely new period of life begins when the child goes to kindergarten. Since this period, he learns to communicate with other children, it should do it almost constantly. The kid always is in collective, tries to interact with absolutely different peers, it allows it to much to learn. It is very important that parents at this stage helped the child. He has no experience in communication with other children yet, does not know how it is correct to behave. Parents have to tell to the kid of it. 

For example, once the child tells about that, it is important to be truthful, honest as it is necessary to be able to share, trust people. It is very hard for small child to understand it therefore mom with dad have to convey the most available words to the child all information. Parents need to show all this on own example therefore they need to behave correctly too.

Needs of children of school age

Advanced age begins since seven years. It is known that at this age the child for the first time goes to school, responsibility becomes more and more, duties too. At school the child will spend some of very important years of the life. The school, as we know, gives to the child not only knowledge which, of course, is very valuable, but also a huge number of experience. At this age it is very important to child to understand in detail everything therefore with it it has to be helped by parents. They have to answer all questions of the child, and sometimes even foresee them that too is important.

Education of children of teenagers

The difficult age period begins since twelve years. This period is just called teenage, all perfectly know that teenage children are just uncontrollable, they quickly change including under the influence of a hormonal background which storms at this time. With such child it is incredibly difficult to find a common language as he tries to be fenced off from parents. Parents have to give during this period to the child respect, a certain freedom of choice, teach him to be even more responsible and also to be responsible for all the told words. Besides, teenagers as nobody else, need understanding. Sometimes it seems to them that the whole world was up in arms against them, they meet the first difficulties in friendship, the relations. Therefore it is important to them to know that houses are people who will be able always to support and understand.

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