What role of the book in development of the child

What role of the book in development of the child

The book is one of the first teachers in human life. Children to whom did not show all colourful world of the invented stories lose a lot of things in development. There is a huge number of various children's literature, with colourful drawings, musical effects. The main thing is to select the book according to age and to impart love for literature from the earliest age.

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1. That the work was interesting to the child, it has to correspond to age. Often on the printing edition it is specified for what children the book is intended. Besides, it is important to pay attention to paints – the bright cover may contain poisonous impurity. For absolutely small till 1 year poems as they melodious, calming will approach. At this age there is an orientation to mother's voice.

2. Children's verses, fairy tales by A.S. Pushkin, modern poets – it is the something like that best of all to read works absolutely to little listeners. For children from 1 to 4 years it is possible to choose short fairy tales or stories. You sit down together with them, and, thumbing through colourful pages, re-read "Kolobok", "Riaba the Hen", "Tower". At this age children become curious and with pleasure will consider pictures.

3. Becoming is more senior, the little reader begins to form the literary taste. Do not refuse to it purchase of any given book if it is well written, illustrated with the good developing pictures. Do not force violently to learn to read the child, the love for literature so beats off. Accustom gradually, turning process of reading into a small, but interesting game.

4. Often people do not understand how important role is played by the book in development of the child and in formation of the personality in it. Children who since childhood have close connection with the printing edition reach for reading both at teenage age and in adulthood. The child who is not brought up on works of art most often does not want to read and having matured. And the book helps not only to develop, and and opens art talents of some children. They begin to write poems, small stories. So new poets and writers are born.

5. Books teach the child to understand what is good and that – is bad. They develop imagination and memory, abstract and logical thinking. The little reader learns many new words from works, broadening the horizons, learns to talk correctly.

6. The book teaches the child to sympathize, empathize, helps to understand relationship of people that there are positive and negative characters. The children's encyclopedias for various age which are versatily developing children are very useful. Encyclopedias for girls and boys teach rules of etiquette, personal hygiene, sequence of cleaning in the room. There are encyclopedias of animals, wonders of the world, planets and others. Thanks to colourful and clear pictures, the available description, the child with interest studies such huge world.

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