What salads the feeding mom can eat

What salads the feeding mom can eat

The feeding mom should adhere to certain principles of food, especially if the kid was born quite recently. On the one hand, the food has to be healthy and various that the child received all substances necessary for it. On the other hand, the products eaten by mom can cause allergies in the child and to become the reason raised gas generation and problems with a tummy. Therefore mom should show consideration for the choice of ingredients for salad.


1. The first 2-3 months the woman should avoid products which can cause allergies in the child. Seafood, nuts, a citrus, eggs, mayonnaise and soy sauce concern them. Contrary to common opinion, bright vegetables, such as carrots and beet, is it is possible. In the first months of life of the child it is better to exclude tomatoes and exotic vegetables and fruit from a diet. Dairy products should be limited, but the spoon of sour cream or several cubes of cheese in salad are quite admissible.

2. The interrelation between food of mom and gripes at the child is not so much unambiguous. Gripes – physiological process of growing of intestines, and it is impossible to correct it at the expense of food. However food of mom can lead to the increased gas generation at the kid, and it will repeatedly strengthen painful feelings. To foretell from what at the child will swell out a stomach, it is almost impossible. First of all, be guided by yourself: if mom has consequences from reception of any product, almost for certain the tummy of the child will react similarly. The most frequent responsible in GAZ cars: bean, cabbage and potato. However individual food intolerance can be detected only by practical consideration.

3. Thus, up to 3 months you can eat the following salads: boiled beet with garlic, carrot apple salad, fresh vegetables greens salad (without tomato), boiled beef boiled carrots and pickle salad (from house preparations). These dishes can be filled with sour cream or vegetable oil on your taste. If you are at the holiday table and want to eat conditionally harmful salad, for example, of "Russian salad", you are able to afford 1-2 tablespoons.

4. If the child already was 3 months old, and he had no allergic reactions to food, gradually begin to enter products which refused earlier into your diet. Thus, by a half-year of your kid practically all limits for your food will be lifted.

5. During this period at your menu there can be salads containing nuts, eggs, chicken, tomatoes and the other products forbidden earlier. But it is not necessary to add to a dish 2 new products at once. Otherwise if the child has an allergic reaction, you will not be able to define its reason. You can taste the following salads: vegetable tomatoes salad; vinaigrette with cucumbers of a house pickles; cucumber, radish, eggs and green onions sour cream salad; cabbage carrots, paprika and onions salad.

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