What sexiest man's name

What sexiest man's name

How often the girl in love whispers a name of darling, including it the most beautiful, sexiest and fine sound in the world. It belongs to the changed condition of an organism in love, the increased level of hormones and other factors. You should not forget also about that feature that the woman is auditory. So, it is worth learning what man's names will kindle female imagination and will awaken sensuality.


1. What male qualities bewitch the woman? The answer is simple, as well as all ingenious — strong-willed character, hardness in decision-making (to be behind it, absolutely safe), sensuality and moderate romanticism (to indulge female imaginations), sexuality. You will not believe, but all this can be put in a name. So, mothers, you do not hurry to choose to the little son the first name or to give some rare, unusual. Remember that the kid should carry him through life, and it will define his character and even destiny. Correctly to make a choice, it is necessary to address such science as psychophonetics which studies perception of sounds not aurally, and subconsciousness, that department of a brain which the person does not control.

2. So, to understand what man's name is the sexiest, at first it is necessary to decide on sounds. Hardness in a name is provided by such sounds as "д", "кс" and other. Names Alexander, Dmitry and Vladislav can serve as an example. But not only hardness is felt in these names, they awaken something that fills heart with awe. It happens because of the sounds providing sensuality of a name, sounds which the woman perceives soul, but not reason — "l", "m".

3. Remember the fact that not only the yacht will float as you will call it, but also the person will live according to the name given at the birth. But even if you do not like a name which parents gave you, understand that everything can be improved. The easiest way — the reduced nickname, tender. For example, turn Maxim into Max, and women will hardly be able to resist energy of the sexuality ringing in this name. If your name too soft, for example Innokenti or Ilya, reductions are superfluous. Kesha or Ilyusha sound so as if it is not the man, and a teddy bear. It is in that case recommended to the man to think up to himself a nickname pseudonym which will excite imagination of young ladies.

4. Statistically, which was revealed at the expense of the conducted sociological surveys, women came to a conclusion that the sexiest are names: Alexander, Andrey, Igor, Roman, Herman, Sergey, Vladimir, Dmitry, Artur, Albert, Arnold. This list of the woman is suggested to be added with other beautiful and sonorous names which comprise letter "P".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team