What shape of a stomach at pregnancy by the boy

What shape of a stomach at pregnancy by the boy

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For a long time future parents try to define a sex of the child long before his birth. Such signs which help to indicate to you a sex of your future kid there is a set, for example, a shape of a stomach, character and term of the begun toxicosis.

Shape of a stomach at pregnancy by the boy

Now emergence of the procedure of ultrasonography considerably facilitated sex determination of future child, but even it is not able to give the exact answer for 100 percent. But, despite everything, the people got used to trust national signs on sex determination more.

Often judge by a shape of a stomach of future mom. The shape of a stomach of the pregnant woman is one of the most known signs on which it is possible to define a sex of future kid. For example, at pregnancy by the boy the stomach will be sharper sticking out forward or a little displaced to the right side. Having taken a detached view of such woman, not at once you will think that she in situation.

Signs at pregnancy by the boy

At pregnancy by boys there are also other signs. For example, say that the woman who expects the boy has toxicosis on early term less, but at the same time she has a wild appetite. Women who expect birth of the boy practically have no pigmentary spots, unlike those who will have a girl. The truth is said that boys protect the mom and her beauty, and girls - on the contrary, taken away. Appearance of the boy can be caused also the following signs. The pregnant woman can have the right breast more left, and the right nipple - too is more left. The woman has an increased sexual inclination. Nipples at pregnant women the boy have light-red color, and girls – dark brown. The woman's colostrum in this case becomes more dense and fat. And also the male fruit begins to move much earlier, approximately from third month of pregnancy.

Signs of the birth of the boy

Exist as well signs of the birth of the boy which list includes the following: during pregnancy only the boy is pushed on the right; heart fights much more often; in a dream the pregnant women can feel the man; urine becomes bright yellow color; the strip on a stomach passes to the right of a navel; more boys are born in the periods of wars and the conflicts. Say also that if in family the boy is expected, then future dad gains weight also quickly, as well as mom. To be necessary to remember that not the sex of the child is important, and his state of health at the time of the birth. Only in this case in family there will come the real holiday.

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