What she is a modern woman

What she is a modern woman

The woman plays a special role in the modern world. It is not simple mom, the wife, the keeper of the center any more, this is the strong personality who got used to achieve goals and to fulfill the dreams.


1. The modern woman seeks to achieve success in all fields of activity: she cannot be just the housewife and the loving mom any more. She needs success in work, classes as favourite business therefore many women test in business today. Real the woman it is necessary to test himself in different areas, she will discontentedly feel if she prefers to career a family cosiness or, on the contrary, will do career, having forgotten about private life.

2. The modern woman is in time much more things, than earlier: she does sports, supports as it should be the house, looks after children, resolves business matters, maintains the beauty at the appropriate level. She is engaged in self-education, seeks to understand all questions interesting her. It seems, it is impossible to make everything that really successful woman is in time in a day.

3. But it imposes also certain difficulties on its relationship with other people. Modern women became more rigid, more ruthless with competitors, they can get habits in communication which were inherent only in men earlier. Women got used to get up with ease on the leading positions in the matter or in the company on which they work. And sometimes they already do not divide the house and work, beginning and to behave in the relations with the man quite sharply. Such women perfectly know what is wanted and, without receiving it from the partner, easily throw him, beginning replacement search. Or try to subordinate themselves the man, to play on his feelings, to induce to do exactly as the woman wants.

4. The lack of a compromise and desire to build relationship gradually, with patience, love and female wisdom sometimes leads to revaluation of values of family life. Such women prefer to be free including from children. Often desires of the modern woman concerning marriage and the relations with the partner are contradictory: they want to have nearby the strong man who would make good money and provided family, but at the same time try to dominate over him. It cannot be allowed, then women the first begin to complain about extinction of real men. From where to them to undertake if girls go into extremes and want to direct young people?

5. Modern women still should learn much: to combine femininity and force, care and independence, education of the child and career, care for the beauty and free time, female weakness and force which is concealed in it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team