What signs that the girl will be born

What signs that the girl will be born

Incubation of the child is a happy moment of life which is allowed to test not to all women. There is an opinion that on some signs of pregnancy it is possible to define a sex of future child.

External manifestations of pregnancy by the girl

The first what it is necessary to pay attention to is on appearance of the pregnant woman. External changes can appear on the first week of pregnancy by the girl. The woman bearing the girl can have puffiness of legs, a weight increase due to increase in buttocks and hips.

Confirms the birth of the girl and a condition of skin of future mom. In such situation it begins to be shelled, dry, can become covered by pigmentary spots. On a face pimples can develop. Such known sign of pregnancy as darkening of an aura of nipples, also attribute to pregnant women at whom the girl has to be born.

One more sign of pregnancy by the girl is that the left breast of future mom can change in a size. In comparison with the right breast it will be more. In hair of future mom who carries the daughter under heart it is possible to notice a red shade.

Pregnancy by the girl is demonstrated also by a shape of a tummy of future mom. The shape of a stomach becomes more roundish. At the same time it weekly blurs in the parties more and more to sides because of what at mummy the waist begins to vanish.

Other signs that the girl will be born

Reliable sign of pregnancy by the girl on early term is presence of severe toxicosis. There is also an assumption that it is much more difficult to bear the girl because the health of the pregnant woman considerably worsens, than at those who carry under the boy's heart. Women at whom the girl has to be born in the course of pregnancy become absent-minded and passive. The character at this moment becomes nasty. The women expecting appearance of the girl are capable of spontaneous illogical acts and constantly are capricious. Signs of pregnancy by the girl include also certain addictions in food of the pregnant woman. In this regard future mom, more often wants some farinaceous food or sweet, marinated vegetables or fresh fruit. At the same time there is no wish to eat meat, smoked products, spicy and salty food at all. In the course of incubation of the girl the appetite can decrease considerably. It is much simpler to define a sex of future child when the woman gives birth repeatedly. If pregnancy on the current same, as well as previous, a sex of the kid is the same. If in the course of pregnancy there are new feelings, then the sex will be opposite.

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