What size of a heel children can carry

What size of a heel children can carry

Girls and boys are always pleasing to the eye when they well also are stylish dressed. But the style not always means advantage for an organism. Especially it concerns footwear and the size of a heel. Therefore it is worth understanding what has to be its size.

Heel to a heel discord

Actually doctors recommend a heel of the small size for carrying to children. Both girls, and boys of preschool age should wear shoes with a heel from 0.5 to 1 cm. Children from 8 to 10 years can wear a heel no more than 2 cm. Emergence of distinctions of a heel for boys and girls coincides with time of their puberty when at them essential anatomic distinctions begin to appear. Therefore it is allowed to girls from 13 to 17 years without harm for legs to carry a heel to 4 cm, and boys of the same age - is no more than 3 have some.

Total rejection of carrying a heel by the child is a serious mistake. The fact is that the small heel allows to keep the correct and natural form of foot. Footwear on a flat sole changes the center of gravity during walking. For this reason the form of foot both at children, and at adults begins to change. The adult will quickly feel weight in legs or dull aches in fingers, and the child's bones were not created yet, they soft therefore he will feel discomfort when he becomes an adult. And he will be constant irrespective of whether he will wear the correct shoes or not. Therefore parents have to pay to health of legs and the musculoskeletal device of the kid special attention.

If defects of development of foot are revealed in the child since small years, then parents have every chance to correct it until the child does not grow up and will not become the adult. It becomes by means of special orthopedic footwear or inserts.

Dangers to girls

At all their aspiration to look stylish, fashionable and beautiful parents cannot give in on their arrangements to buy footwear on a high heel. The musculoskeletal system of the child is only formed, and too high heel leads to increased load not only on fingers and a foot, but also on a backbone. The point is that it is a time bomb, and consequences of carrying excessively high heel will prove only at more mature age when bones begin to harden. It is extremely difficult to explain harm of wearing such footwear to the girl as any child is not capable to assess the possible consequences of the actions up to the end.

Flat-footedness is the real disaster of modern generation. It occurs thanks to the fact that modern footwear not all is useful to health of legs.

General requirements to children's footwear

The heel, though is a cornerstone when choosing footwear for the child, but it is not the only reason for nervousness. First, when choosing children's footwear it is worth paying attention to its size. It has to be enough freedom. It is easy to determine it by whether the child is capable to move a thumb. If affirmative answer, then further it is worth paying attention to a sole. It has to be soft and flexible not to constrain mobility of the kid. Otherwise slow process of deformation of foot will be started that in the future will lead to flat-footedness or other aberrations of development of legs.

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