What size the stomach is four months pregnant

What size the stomach is four months pregnant

The fourth month of pregnancy is very important period for the woman – she begins to feel the first movements of future child and also feels inflow of forces and cheerfulness after the first months of the exhausting toxicosis. Also the stomach size changes – so what it becomes on the fourth month of pregnancy?

Features of the fourth month

During this period the pregnant woman notes the termination of the speeded-up urination, increase in mammary glands and decrease in their sensitivity, emergence of pigmentary spots on a stomach and a face and also white allocations from a vagina. In the bottom of a stomach the woman can feel an insignificant nagging pain which is connected with increase in a uterus which stretches.

All discomfortable feelings usually pass in the second half of the fourth month of pregnancy.

Also on the fourth month the woman sometimes notes nasal bleedings and bleeding of gums, a large amount of hormones in the female body bearing the child is the reason of what. To avoid it, it is necessary to strengthen walls of vessels by means of vitamin C. The stomach during this period begins to be rounded considerably, and skin around nipples and in a middle part of a stomach becomes more dark (natural color will be restored after the child's birth). The increase in weight on the fourth month of pregnancy makes from 5 to 7 kilograms.

Changes in physiology

By fifteenth week of pregnancy height of the increasing uterus reaches the level equal to a half of distance to a navel. As the sizes of a uterus and the child at each woman are especially individual, the stomach sizes on the fourth month at all pregnant women significantly differ and depend on various factors, including heredity, weight, physical shape of the woman and so on. Fruit length this period is about 13 centimeters, and weight – about 135 grams. During the first pregnancy the stomach on this term is not especially stuck out forward as his ligaments and muscles are in a tone. Without physical exercises of a muscle of a stomach at the following pregnancies weaken and the stomach becomes more noticeable already on early terms. On the fourth month constantly growing uterus begins to press noticeably on a diaphragm that leads to difficulty of breath and even feeling of slight suffocation. It is not pathology – only a usual consequence of physiological and hormonal changes. It is worth seeing a doctor only at emergence of such additional symptoms as the turned blue lips and finger-tips, rapid breathing, the accelerated pulse (tachycardia) and pain behind a breast. It can indicate the lack of oxygen caused by various reasons which only the doctor will be able to find out.

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