What skills does the child of school age have to have?

What skills does the child of school age have to have?

From the first days of life each child has to be under protection of parents who in the course of his growing have to help it with various situations and also preserve it against difficulties of life. But what the child becomes more senior, especially independent he has to become.

Many parents make a serious mistake when continue to sponsor the child who already entered the teenage period. If the child does not study necessary skills, then having entered independent life, he will have the mass of various problems and difficulties.

Excessive guardianship from parents is an impossibility of the child to be prepared for future adulthood. If adults sponsor the teenager also, as well as at infantile age, then most often, such people grow up dependent and irresponsible.

In order that the child was prepared for the introduction in independent life, he has to begin assimilation of necessary skills with younger school age. There is a certain number of skills which the child who reached the advanced school age surely has to possess.

1. Cooking

This skill is surely necessary in order that having remained alone, the child could ensure due food. It is the best of all to begin to develop this ability in initial classes. You should not force the child to cook difficult dishes, but to independently make to yourself a breakfast, or to warm the food cooked by parents he has to be able.

2. Awakening in the mornings

The child has to learn to wake up in the mornings independently, without the aid of adults. If this habit is developed since early years, then in the future the child will not have various problems connected with delay in the mornings.

3. Communication with people around

Most often parents train small children not to talk to strangers on the street. But with age, when the child reaches teenage age and becomes more independent, he anyway should talk to surrounding people – on the street, in public places, in educational institutions. If parents since small years impart to the child danger which threatens him at communication with strangers, then over time such child will have serious problems at the forced communication with strangers.

For this reason adults are obliged to tell the child that all surrounding people different, and not each passerby is dangerous to him.

If the child to teenage age has the most important abilities which will surely be useful to it in independent life, then entering the adult world, he will not have various problems and difficulties. Moreover, the parents who trained the child to all necessary abilities will be able quietly to release the child from the parental house.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team