What skills to develop in children: future professions

What skills to develop in children: future professions

Time goes, everything changes, people acquire new knowledge, develop technologies, they have other views and priorities. What was still yesterday at the peak of popularity will stop being relevant tomorrow. There are new professions, forcing out former and demanding training of the corresponding experts. And, of course, parents are concerned by a question what skills need to be developed at the child today that it was successful in the future.

IT sphere

First, information technologies gain ground. Still long time programmers, web designers, seo-specialists, system administrators and representatives of other professions anyway connected with the computer industry will be popular. The abilities necessary for most of them – knowledge of English, logical thinking, ability to analyze and draw conclusions. Web designers along with logic need to develop also creative thinking.

Petrochemical industry

Secondly, development of the chemical and oil-extracting industry is predicted. Therefore in several years demand for engineers of data of the industries will increase. These experts need to understand well the equipment, to have deep understanding of chemical processes, to know the bases of the economy and technical English. Besides studying necessary literature it would be quite good to have in an environment of the people knowing the necessary specialty from within.


Scientists consider the following profession of the future ecology. To work in this sphere, it is necessary to understand practically all natural sciences: to physics, chemistry, biology, ecology. Parents since childhood have to develop observation, ability to analyze and draw conclusions in the child. It is necessary to draw the attention of the child that it is not theoretical knowledge.


Due to growth of the cities and development of infrastructure the need and for architects increases. Here it is necessary to develop creative abilities, spatial thinking, observation and attentiveness. In it production of models of any constructions can greatly help.

Beauty and entertainments

Well and, at last, development of the industry of beauty, health and entertainments is well under way. This category unites in itself absolutely different professions, beginning from doctors and finishing workers of the sphere of tourism. Of course, physicians need to know perfectly biology, chemistry, anatomy, psychology and other sciences studying the person and also to be humane and to be able to analyze to make the correct diagnoses. For workers of the sphere of beauty it is possible to add esthetic taste to above-mentioned skills. Experts of show business have to be charismatic, creative, sociable, able to attract and hold the client. Performances before public with various projects, studio of acting skills, ability to analyze the necessary question and to derive benefit from it will help with development of these skills. Now you can present where it is necessary to move, but you should not forget that each child is a personality, identity, and it is impossible to impose him any given lifestyle to please to the desires. Therefore the above-stated councils will do good to those parents whose children already rather adult independently to show interest in any given area when becomes a task of seniors only to advise and direct. The same whose children are still small, can advise to begin to develop those, qualities which will help them to become successful in life what profession they would not choose. the number of such "basic" skills can carry: - commitment, - persistence, - patience, - will power, - the ability to operate time and is correct to place priorities, - diplomacy, - ability to work in team, - independence, - responsibility, - ability to study and openness to new knowledge.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team