What speech problems it is possible to avoid before arrival of the child in school

What speech problems it is possible to avoid before arrival of the child in school

Alas, most of parents notice that their child does not utter any sounds, only at record him in the first class. And then the mushtra, daily classes and with the doctor, and at home begins if only to manage ""to bring up"" the child till September.

First, it is load of children - in 3 months to master what should study 5-6 years.

And secondly, such problems could be avoided if parents came with the child to the logopedist at least once a year. Because only the expert will see violations in a speech development in the kid in time. It can be a dislaliya - violation of pronunciation of separate sounds. Fonetiko-fonematichesky violations - when the child not only says, but also misinterprets sounds of the native language. And, at last, the general underdevelopment of the speech when both pronunciation, and perception, and grammar, a poor lexicon and the coherent speech are broken. 

What does the child have to be able to do?

In 3 years the kid has full authority to distort sounds, it is wrong to build offers. The main thing that he understood the speech turned to it and was able to inform others of the thoughts. If the child is able to satisfy your simple requests, and you understand him, despite mushmouth, - everything is all right. The help of the expert is necessary to three-year-old taciturn persons and those kids to whom your simplest requirements are not clear. In 4 years the child already has to speak so that not only parents, but also strangers understood him. By the way, for mothers and fathers it is a peculiar criterion of ""correctness"" of development of their son or daughter. Parents get used to the wrong speech of the children, and mom, of course, will be able ""to transfer"" children's language to adult. But if the teacher in a garden or the neighbor several times asks again your kid, perhaps, he needs to work with the logopedist.

In 5 years the child still can not utter a sound ""r"". And in 6 years, before school, the correct pronunciation and use of cases, ability coherently and competently to speak is considered norm. 


Very often children who badly speak for the age also badly eat. As a rule, for them the whole problem to eat apple or carrot, without speaking about meat. It is caused by weakness of maxillary muscles, and it, in turn, delays development of movements of the articulation device. Therefore surely force the child to chew crackers and the whole vegetables and fruit, bread with crusts and lumpy meat.

To develop muscles of cheeks and language, show to the child how to rinse a mouth. It is necessary to teach to inflate cheeks and to hold air, ""to roll"" it from one cheek in another.

What means - to develop fine motor skills. It means - the kid has to work the disobedient fingers as much as possible. How it seemed to you it is tiresome, let the kid himself button, laces up boots, rolls up sleeves. And to begin to train it is better for the child not on the clothes, and ""to help"" to put on at first to dolls and even parents. As children's fingers become is quicker, its language will be more clear not only mom. At children's age it is very useful to mold. Only it is not necessary to leave the kid alone with plasticine in time to stop his desire to taste the stuck together ball. Many mothers do not trust the child scissors. But if in rings of scissors to push the fingers together with nurseries and to cut out some figures, the excellent training for a hand will turn out.

Finger-type games for children


The dishes are washed by our assistant

(rub palms the friend about the friend - "wash the dishes".

Washes a fork, a cup, a spoon.

Washed up a saucer and a glass,

(unbend fingers from a cam, since a little finger).

Also closed more strong the crane.

(carry out the imitating movement).


Flour in dough was kneaded,

(squeeze and unclench fingers).

And we formed the dough:

(clap palms, "mold").

Pies and buns,

Rich cheesecakes,

Buns and kalatches -

All of us will bake in the furnace.

(serially unbend fingers, since a little finger. Both palms develop up).

It's delicious!

(iron a stomach).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team