What stationery is necessary for the first grader

What stationery is necessary for the first grader

Every year in the first day of fall the life of hundreds of thousands of children completely changes. Psychologists claim that this event surpasses many others in the importance for the person. The child perceives purchase of all necessary accessories to school as a fascinating game. Quality, bright and functional stationery will help the first grader easier to enter new life.

Several notebooks in a ruler and a cage, on 12 and 18 sheets are necessary for the first grader. At school you will need to learn what ruler is required, slanting or usual. Try to choose bright and beautiful covers, listen to requests of the child in this respect. It will be more interesting to junior school pupil to write in a beautiful notebook.

Not to do the first grader without sketchbook. For a change it is possible to buy two thin albums, but it is desirable to get one with a large number of sheets. That "the storage of drawings" was not rumpled, buy the special folder, it has to be bright and beautiful too. It is possible to replace an album with a set of blank sheets of A4 format.

Buy all necessary for drawing. The pupil of the first classes needs a set of brushes of the different size, a glass for water, a palette, colored and simple pencils, felt-tip pens, pastel and paints.

Color and white cardboard and paper for a manual training is required. Open packing and look at a surface of sheets, it has to be slightly rough better to stick together. Glossy paper is suitable only for hand-made articles which do not need to be processed glue.

Responsibly approach also the choice of scissors. They have to have the good cutting surface that the child did not experience difficulties during the work. Stupid scissors can become the material damage reason, but the first grader needs option with the rounded-off ends to secure themselves against a trauma.

In the first class not to do without quality glue. On sale there are options of several types: a tube with liquid and a pencil. The pencil is more convenient in use and it cannot be spilled accidentally, but standard PVA glues best of all and more reliably.

Not to do you without covers for notebooks and textbooks, supports, rubbers, sharpeners, a ruler and a set of handles. Check serviceability and reliability of all these objects in the shop.

At lessons of creativity such objects as an oilcloth, plates can be useful for a molding, special oversleeves and an apron. Not to do also without plasticine, but choose package with modern material which leaves the child's hands clean.

Very important subject for the first grader is the case. It has to be rather capacious, it is reliable and easy to be closed.

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