What stone attracts love

What stone attracts love

Various magic properties are traditionally attributed to gemstones. A number of stones is used for attraction of love. Some help to find the love, others – to keep already found feeling. Therefore before getting a precious mascot, it is necessary to study properties inherent in it in detail.

Recognized love mascots

One of the stones attracting love is rose quartz. It is recommended to carry it as a pendant and to leave for the night at a bed headboard. Rose quartz will help to cure cardiac wounds and will drive away all sad thoughts. At the same time, it will give to the hostess of wisdom and sincere forces which will help it to keep from rash acts.

One more stone influencing the sphere of romantic feelings carries very peculiar name – aventurine. It helps to reconcile heart and reason and, besides, protects the owner from power vampires. As two of these stones combine pink and green colors, favorable for warm affairs, they can be used at the same time.

Red pomegranate is simply necessary for those who dreams of the whole hurricane of passions. It traditionally is considered a stone of lovers. At the same time, this stone of passion extremely is not recommended to be carried to the teenagers and adults who are already married. Perhaps, the emerald can become the best love mascot. It actually attracts to itself(himself) love and also brings happiness in already developed matrimony. However its owners should behave very carefully, if one of partners decides on treason, the stone will give it at once, having unexpectedly cracked. However, the emerald can have beneficial influence on the person and help it to overcome tendency to a lie and incorrectness. Besides, it helps to keep the family center, strengthens peace and harmony in family and promotes reproduction.

Other stones bringing love

Besides the listed recognized love mascots, there are also other stones promoting attraction of love. Of course, acquisition of diamond is very expensive pleasure, but he will really present to the owner mutual feeling, especially if it is carried by the young innocent girl. Unfortunately, in case behind shoulders the lady already has an unsuccessful marriage, this stone is powerless. Very beautiful and unusual stone is turquoise. It will suit also those who else are in search of love, and that who found it for a long time. In this case the stone will help lovers to keep fidelity and mutual understanding. A symbol of long, happy and mutual love is pure and transparent rhinestone. He will present to married couple many years full of tenderness and attention to each other. Sapphire can awaken absolutely improbable mutual passion. However if the girl or the young man who are not differing in decency took control of a mascot, the stone will deprive of them rest for ever, having forced to fall in love with everyone. So it is necessary to use stones mascots very carefully.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team