What stone brings good luck

What stone brings good luck

Long since people believed that some stones possess special characteristics and can help the owner with his affairs. You want to become a little more successful – get to yourself one of magic mascots.


Aventurine is a kind of quartz. The stone of green, honey-yellow, brown, cherry and golden and cherry color meets. It is considered that aventurine helps the owner to keep always sober mind and strengthens his intuition. Such mascot will suit the people who are not afraid of risk, courageous adventurers. Before it card players used, today this stone can be useful to those who involved in risky business.


Olivine is a silicate of magnesium and iron, mineral which color varies from olive and flavovirent to dark green, brown and even black. Jewelry types of this stone are used to involve good luck in new affairs and undertakings. If you go to the UNIVERSITY, plan to replace the place of work or open the business, this mascot for you will help.


Lazurite – beautiful opaque mineral of blue, bluish-gray, blue-violet, green-gray or saturated blue color, occasionally – with brown impregnations. This stone is not just used by jewelers for production of jewelry, it can also bring good luck to the owner. He helps to find the best way out in the circumstances and presents the owner with support of the highest forces.


Obsidian – a mysterious stone of deep brown, brown or black color. He is capable to become the excellent assistant, but only to strong and vigorous people. Obsidian strengthens health of the owner and helps it to achieve the objectives what they would not be.


Berillonit – rare colourless translucent mineral which is infrequently used by jewelers. However sometimes it is possible to meet intricate jewelry and with this stone. Berillonit helps people who perfectly know what they want from life, set before themselves the purposes and seek for their achievement. This mineral should be had at itself when your project comes to an end, the purpose is already close, and there was the last breakthrough. The mascot will bring success not only in work, but also in private life. It is considered that ability to help the owner many precious and semiprecious stones have. However nevertheless not the kind of mineral, but your belief that the mascot will help you will be the main condition. In this case to help to become cleverer and stronger, to show excellent results and as a result will be able to achieve wishing to you any thing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team